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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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my story of my existence and my families nightmare...what WILL N CAN be beaten!

Posted by idiot on 14 February 2018.

hello to all and thanks for reading(if anyone does) and i hope it helps any families/friends of an ADDICT like myself understand my(and other addicts existence and selfishness)....but hey where do i start(my brains become that frazzled by drugs that i havent got any type of reality or grasp on the length of time i decided to destroy mine(and my family n friends) journey into drugs, i wont and cant say its about "my life on drugs", because as any addict if truthful to themselves will admit that it isnt a life(, just an existence) my opinion because me,myself(i will call myself TIM) knew that when "I" chose to smoke heroin TIMs life was gonna be put on hold (i was 16yrs old) and something ,well id say Tim moved out of my body and an evil squatter from hell moved in and always changed the locks everytime Tim really wanted to come home to live a normal everytime i wanted my body back squatter always won and moved back in(even if i got help n got back home for a few weeks)...sure the squatter had skeleton keys and knew that until the day that i, tim really accepted he needed help, and it was HIS house and really wanted to grow old n live, instead of just moving in every so often to give the squatters a holiday so to all people who help n love me(tim) i looked like i really wanted to move back home for good....but dep deep down in the basement i always heard the squatters planning when they was coming back in n putting me back on the streets.....i hope you understand of how im trying to explain my thought on addiction by using things like my house=my body...squatters=heroin and all other evil drugs......i hope to tell more of my story over the next few weeks/days or however long it be honest with you ive booked my plane and i WANT to come home....but this time i am going to look for the squatters in the basement...i will look high n low this time before i move in and put a moat with guards around my house so i know(n hope) i find out where and why this horrid squatter keeps hiding n then moving back in....this time i will secure my house like fort knox....i want my life back...cant exist much longer hurting people as i isnt me...TIM IS COMING HOME....sorry for how ive tried explaining my addiction....but i know that the real me is hurting so much and i can stop all the hurt by kicking the lodger out....more to follow


Icarus Trust
20 Feb 2018

Hi Tim,

Thank you for sharing your story and explaining your addiction. I really hope that you can kick the drugs and the hurt they make you feel. You clearly want to. 

I expect you have already spoken to your GP and maybe have been having some counselling. Or you could talk with us at The Icarus Trust. 

You can contact us on or visit the website

I am really hoping to read of how well you are doing. Very best of luck.

15 Mar 2018

Thats a great way to explain how an addict is. Its very true. I hope u get better tim. I live with an addict and no what its like. Hugs to u 🙂

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