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Need some opinions please...

Posted by Hope333 on 1 February 2014.

My heart is broken.  2 weeks ago my boyfriend was supposed to move back home from where he had worked for 4 weeks.  The drive would have been 7 hours.  He never showed and now his phone is not in service.  This happened before in September when he finished another job.  After 11 days though I heard from him.  He had been using heroin again.  This time it has been 14 days and I haven't heard from him.  I hate this drug and what it is doing to him and to us.  I am scared he has relapsed and wondered if others have heard of an addict going MIA for a period of time while they are using.   Please help.


1 Feb 2014

hi, my son now 34 has been using on and off for 17 yrs, it started with cannabis but he soon switched to heroin, initially we tried to  help him by supporting him, paying off his debts of which there were many and attending various organisations which we thought would help him overcome his addiction, but sadly the drug was too tempting and so started a rollercoaster lasting many years, at his worst he would disappear for weeks at a time where no one could find out where he was, he has since revealed he moved to different towns where he was not known to fund his habit, there is nothing anyone can say or do to stop this terrible time for you, i wish there was, and sadly after several years of building a new drug free life my son has started using again he is on the big downward spiral that no one can stop, i too detest this drug as it not only ruins the users life but of those close to them as well, i thought i had got my son back and seeing him on this path is a knife through my heart, i both love and hate him if that makes sense, I hope you hear from your boyfriend soon as i know how you feel its the not knowing that is hard, i felt i had to reply to your post cos i can feel your pain, keep strong love 
Sue Xx

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