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No Justice

Posted by Suzylnn on 20 March 2018.

2015 our daughter  moved to SoCal from Texas. Age 17 she  met a neighbor Travis Russell age 34 at the time.. He won her trust and introduced her to a drug dealer/sexual pervert Michael Chafitz age  54 of Newport beach who offered her a job when she turned 18.  We, her parents, her siblings, grandparents and friends have not seen her in years.  We have never given up searching for our precious daughter. A sheriff told us four months after locating her (we had reported her missing back in 2015).   Quote "Your daughter has Stockholm Syndrome, she is not your little girl anymore, she is a not the same, she heroin addict".   Sheriff said that she defended Mike Chafitz, tying hands of law enforcement. Do they did nothing.  Mike Chafitz has been arrested and released time and again for drugs, terror threats, grand theft.  In the past eight months we located  pics of her with a man name Floyd E. Metzger, 44 and a man name Rene George Hotte, 50.  We do not know these men. We do know that they are all paroles and older than her father.   We have zero help from law enforcement in the liberal state of California where heroin and meth are misdemeanors.  Our daughter turned 21 September 2017.  We have not seen or heard from her in years. We hope the law asking for the death penalty  to drug dealers becomes a realty to help save lives.  We can only imagine the horrors she is suffering. We believe Travis Russell was a scout and traded her for drugs to Mike Chafitz back in 2015. These filthy scum of the earth  men have ruined the life of an innocent teenage girl who had a bank account, was studying to be a nutritionist who would not even drink a coke! She ate organic foods and ran on the beach with me, healthy and beautiful now a heroin addict owned by men older than her father. Her father was warned by a sheriff that is he tried to take her he would be arrested.  No justice .


Icarus Trust
27 Mar 2018

Hi SuzyInn

I am really sorry to read the heartbreaking story of your missing daughter. It must be incredibly hard for you to deal with.
If you feel it would be helpful to talk with our experienced trained people, please contact The Icarus Trust.We are a charity that supports people having to cope with a family member's addiction. This is a free service.
You can contact us on or visit the website
Good luck. I hope you get some justice.

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