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Partner cannabis & binge drinker, also has mental health problems.

Posted by Grace91 on 23 March 2012.

At the age of 18 i met my partner, at the time he was drinking with mates i thought it was just normal as we all like a drink, so didnt think much of it, i fell pregnant within a month of knowing him, and im still with  him today, im now 20 and we have a 9 month old son. 
as i got to know him more, i realised he smoked alot of weed, and he also suffered depression , anxiety, and agoraphobia. by this time i realised what i had got myself into but had already fallen in love. we stayed together, got a flat together etc, had our baby. but he drinks nearly everyday and smokes cannabis, its the only way to help him thru the day with his mental health, we cant even go out the flat together, he just stayes in doors 24/7 drinking and smoking. he has now got into trouble with the police and will proberly be sent down. he had been in prison before, i just hope they give him the help he needs and get sorted, ie, mental health gets better, and he stops smoking the drugs and drinking.   i love him alot, if i didnt, i would have got rid of him along time ago. i dont have much of a life with him, but i just hope one day their will be hope in curing this horrid mental illness which causes him to use these drugs. he was abused as a child and didnt have much of an upbringing which i think has caused the mental problems. would love him to get better and fianlly go out side as a family. :(  he also has another son from past relationship, just hope he gets sorted before my son grows up and starts to notice things. i pray and hope everyday. i have a whole life ahead of me, i dont want to look back and regret staying with him and supporting him for him to never change.

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