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Partner back on heroin

Posted by cazzy on 17 January 2014.

I find myself sitting here wondering how I've put myself in this situation yet again. I must be stupid cause I've left my partner before but he told me he was clean and I believed him and we got back together, but I'm sure he's using again, all the signs are there, not coming home from work for at least 2 hours after he's finished, never got any money, mobile phone numbers on bill that are rung many times in same day, short tempered and abusive. We lost the last 2 homes we had due to debts and looks like this will be same, I'm paying rent and he's paying nothing. Just don't know what to do now, my children are no longer interested and I don't blame them they've helped me so much and they have there own lives and families and it breaks my heart to say we are no longer as close as we were (they are not my partners children). I no longer have any friends as they stopped coming to see me as they knew about his addiction, I don't go out except work and then he accuses me of seeing men. I know I have to sort this but at 54 years old I'm struggling to start over yet again.


19 Jan 2014

I really feel for you it must be so hard, I just found out my husband is addicted to cocaine. I know it's easier said than done but it's time to put yourself first, you're worth so much more. Maybe you could talk to the council about getting your own flat, it will be scary at first but imagine living without the fear, doing what you want for a change. I hope it works out for you I'll keep everything crossed xxx

19 Jan 2014

I feel your pain more than you would ever know, my partner has been an adict on and off for 20 years I try so hard to trust him but just like you I know the signs ,and it breaks my heart I hate him for how selfish he is and it makes me sick when he sits there and has thr cheek to tell me I have to go without , makes me question the purpose of love if all that happens when you love someone is that they hurt and destroy you, just want you too know your not alone in your suffering please stay strong and dont lose who you are for the sake of a lost soul, love is cruel, but please love yourself not his addiction xx

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