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Posted by simbaking on 29 August 2013.

Hello I am 52 and my ex is in addiction of alcohol and cocaine. We met 5years ago he was a nice charming funny man I knew he drank but never knew about the cocaine.
We moved in together 2half years ago he used to like going out on pay day with friends and stayed our late 4am. I couldn't understand how you could stay awake so long whilst drinking.
Anyway during the last year it has become worse and he is not a nice man to be around cold, unkind,lies,cheats....
He told me I take a little something to wake me up when out...not that it was cocaine...I realised it was not right and now I NO it's serious he started using in my home sniffing in the it out one nite on the table even when I said no he carried on.
So all I have to say is hes moved out coz he wants to do that than be with me it hurts so much and I don't understand any of it my friends say I'm better off but it's so hard when you loved someone.
We have seen each other but he now says he wants 6months to sort himself out but can he do this alone? We still keep in contact should I cut all ties?
Would appreciate some advise please..

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