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Posted by Loulou on 9 June 2014.

My son is 15. We live in a lovely rural village, and I STUPIDLY was naive enough to think my boys were all safe! How wrong was I. I've had money going missing, he,s been rude and aggressive one minute, then his usual lovely affectionate self next minute. He,s started hanging around with boys I don't know who are older than him. Last night I did a drugs test on him. It came back positive for weed and mcat. I've banned him from seeing these other boys, and I've told him the drugs test is a regular thing. I'm making an appointment with school tomorrow. What more can I do? We had a big talk last night. He cried, I cried. He promised it was the first time he,d tried mcat, but to be honest he lies so much I can't believe him.
I have 2 younger sons, the youngest being just 3. So I can't give my 100% attention to my eldest and watch him constantly. But what more can I do? Where did I go wrong? I have to stop this before it goes any further, but how?


10 Jun 2014

Lou lou, you did nothing wrong, lets get that out the way first...I too live in a rural village and let me tell you, drugs are rife here too......He is at the age where doing what his peers are doing is the ultimate cool.....IF you have noticed things going missing then my guess is he has been doing this for longer than you think....and you may not want to hear this but I doubt its the first time... Facts, those who do drugs lie, steal, become aggressive.......I think you have done the right thing..contacting the school is great, because it will highlight that some of their pupils are partaking in drugs.....I would also get him to the doctors.... We have all been in your shoes, and facing it is hard.....believe me, those parents that dont think their child will ever do drugs or experiment, need a reality check... All we can do is try and educate our kids, be open with them, and if they do try drugs / get addicted don't enable them and support them. He is a lucky lad to have a parent doing everything she can to help him..... take care x

29 Jun 2014

Hi LouLou, I am in similar situation, except urban, and my 14 year old was identified by his school as being involved with weed.  This was about 6months ago and whilst not "permanently excluded" he had to leave mainstream for and educational support  entre.  We catch him with an occasional cigarette lighter, but never found anything else on him, and as yet not noticed money or any of our possessions going missing.  He is doing well at the new school, andthe main we are praying he  has realised that what he chooses to do now will affect the rest of his life and picks the right path.  But Occasionally he leaves Facebook open and from some messages I suspect he is smoking weed and I have seen meth mentioned, I was wondering where you got your drug test from, I never thought of doing that as a measure of "good" behaviour.

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