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Solvents ??

Posted by big brother on 23 December 2014.

IV just overheard my 13 year old chatting on FaceTime to a boy in school about how she's been sniffing nail varnish remover then I heard her say she will show him again at that point I walked in on her I stopped it this time but how can I end it she is so beautiful is is a high atchevier in every subject she can play many musical instruments and her singing is amazing why would she do it ?? I am bipolar and I think she is too she is me at her age I was so daring as a child and tried different things I don't know what to to I need help ??


23 Dec 2014

Hi .. I wish I could go back to when I first found out my son was experimenting with drugs , I would certainly do something about it . Speak to your doctor they can help find some counselling for you and your beautiful daughter . You need to do something now about this . Don't assume it's a phase and she'll grow out of it . You can help your daughter make good healthy choices for her life please do it and prevent her going down the path of self destruction that many of us on this forum have witnessed with our own loved ones . Sending you a hug . Be strong for your daughter xxx

big brother
28 Dec 2014

Thank you 
We talked and shouted and talked and cried but we talked I think it's stoped but will take your advise and assume nothing .Shes got quinsy at the moment so her tonsils are being removed in 2 weeks so I'm at her beck and call and I like it that way thanks for taking the time to care big hug from us back at you xx one day at a time xx

Icarus Trust
3 Jan 2015

Hope things are all going ok still.
If you need anyone to talk to The Icarus Trust is a charity which supports families of addicts.
We have trained volunteers who you could talk things through with you which may help. Also they would be able to signpost you or your daughter to other help that's available.
Good luck.

Icarus Trust
3 Jan 2015

Sorry didn't give you any contact details!
You can contact us on or visit the website

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