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sons drug abuse

Posted by jane on 19 October 2012.

I am living with my husband and our son is still living at home he has been using cannabis since he was 14 he is now 22 he won,t stop using it he also dips into other drugs he feels he has everything under control he hangs around with all the wrong people we have tried to talk to him about it we have tried eveything he has no job or money although he signs on but most of this money is spent on drugs we can,t go out when we come home there are people around our house smoking canibis we tried to have a holiday this year in tenerife we came home to the house being trashed,we are very worried about him and his behaviour but I feel that he has given up and just wants to live this life style. It is affecting us as his parents my husband has had a nervous breakdown not just due to our son also the presure of his work at the time, I don,t sleep properly at night we don,t know where all this will end I,m worried that he will end up ill in prison or dead or we will end up ill as a result. What can we do to help him and ourselves.
We have spoken to the police in front of him but they are unwilling to do anything even though they admitted that he was breaking the law. He refuses to see his G.P. or any other agency


30 Oct 2012

Your story sounds very familar - my son is only 18 but uses cannabis and coke.  He also is involved in the selling of drugs and it about to be charged with 'intent to supply'. My family has almost been destroyed over the last 10 months and we have given him so many chances and support to try help him.  Although I know I cannot fully turn my back on him - I also know he has to be the one to help himself. My husband and I both go for counselling to help us deal with whats happened to us and our son.  I really feel for you and your husband - the only advice I can give is join support groups and it really helps to share.  Sorry but I don't think there is anything we can do to help our sons - just be there if they want to change.

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