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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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still battling on

Posted by Franticmum on 21 May 2014.

hi all, especially Fiona and Susie, still not seen my son not sure where he is at the moment, no one has seen or heard from him for many weeks now, he still has his flat, well at Least all his belongings are there but neighbours havent seen him recently, I called our local police but they were not much help, seems because hes 34 they are not interested.  I feel like im going mad my mind is going round and round, imagining all sorts of things, I dont watch or listen to the local news just in case, Seems like my "tough love" has backfired on me, Ive not posted for a while on here cos I really dont know what to do or say anymore, I just feel as though we are all waiting for the bomb to be dropped, is this what life is always going to be like, Feeling so sad tonight, thinking of all you families who are affected by drugs and praying so hard for myself and you all that this nightmare will get easier to live with, take care sending cyber hugs especially to my special friends fiona and susie  keep strong l
love Sue Xxxxx


22 May 2014

Morning Sue.......its a hell we are living in.....My guess is he is somewhere with other addicts...Your tough love hasnt backfired at all hunni...he just isnt coming round because you choose not to be around him on drugs....You have stopped enabling him and that in itself is good.....Dont be hard on you say he is 34 and its HIS choice to take drugs....addiction is hard and I know that 99%  of addicts hate it.....The sad thing is we cant save them, its really down to them... Dont give up, stay strong cause all our kids deserve to have that chance...I pray every night for all our addicted kids...and I will never give up on my son...I JUST CHOOSE TO STOP ENABLING HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son started a 4 month prison sentence yesterday....just as things were looking better...I know it sounds crappy, but last night I felt at ease, knowing where he was...I hope to god he uses that time to reflect on the road he has been travelling on
sending hugs, strength and love to you Sue, and not forgetting Fiona or any of the other mums and dads living this hell.....xxxxxxxx

22 May 2014

shakespear go away and bother some other site, the people on here are intelligent enough not to fall for your stupid posts

22 May 2014

Thank you Susie for your kind words, theres no easy solution is there love, im so sorry that your son has ended up in prison, on a positive note you know where he is and if he is serious about turning his life around this is his big chance, im just so scared at the moment and worried that he will give up altogether but know that if he does its his choice, one day at a time is all I can do at the moment, take care Susie love with each others help we will get through the dark times xxxx

22 May 2014

Your son KNOWS what a SPECIAL mother he has....when he needs you he will come......ive cried today, NO ive sobbed....not sure why but sat in the car on my way to my dads...when I got to dads he was amazing...this 75 year old man who spent over 30 years in the army craddled me like he use to when I was achild and it felt good.....still feel low this evening but my family are amazing..all supporting us, and that in itself makes me feel grateful... Praying for all us parents, to find the strength to continue....NEVER GIVE UP X

sad and tired
22 May 2014

what a shame our sons cant see what they are doing to mums who deep down they love.  What they are doing makes them not care about any one else but its not them its the rubbish they are putting into themselves.  My son only contacts me when he wants something and its been a shock to him to find out that I now say no to him.  I get scared that I wont hear from him so I know how you must feel but I bet he is somewhere with his mates not even caring that someone is worrying about him.  stay strong both of you. Cant take no more, this may be a good chance for your son to reflect and decide what he wants, and you know where he is.....theres something to be said for that xxx

22 May 2014

Aw hiya Sue, Ive been thinking of you, so sorry to hear thing's are no better.. Sue if you said to the police you want to report him missing then, they might do something.. just to let you know he is safe and stop your poor mind racing... If he doesn't want contact fair enough, at least you'll know then xx Wish I could help more!! The action's of addict's are so cruel ..take care lv fi xxx

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