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still mad

Posted by charli on 3 January 2014.

My sister in law and I use to be really close until I found out about her meth addiction she pretended that she got clean when her daughter was born but she had moved out of state so we just didn't see it anymore she ended up needing a place to stay so we offered our house as long as she was clean cuz we had a new baby to she promised she was here a month before we moved a huge change in her attitude and appearance we told her she needed to leave but that her daughter could stay she accepted at first but about a week before she was back and took her little girl a month later my husband got a call from the cops saying his sister was in jail and someone needed to get the baby so we went and got her 3 days later she was released and came to the house the next day social services was there they said my husband and I could take her daughter otherwise they would take her again things where fine until the social worker knocks on the door with a report from my sister in law that we were abusing both the kids they found no proof and left but the visits continued and we finally had to let her be taken to foster care in fear of losing our own son a year later our niece is still in foster care and she just checked into rehab and i proud of her for that but i just can't forgive her she could have got my son taken away i just don't know what to do it how to move on

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