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the smack keeps dragging him back

Posted by Loving Wife on 24 August 2013.

everytime you say its the last time, 
i think everything will be fine. 
Then the foil comes out, you smoke another line, 
and I die a little more inside

What more can I do? 
I try to help you, 
but the smack, keeps grabbing you back. 

So here we are again, 
Trying to pretend,  
That you're ok, 
but we can't keep living this way, 
We're living a lie, 
Two lives in denial, 
We're normal from the front, 
But from the back, the smack, keeps grabbing you back. 

You're chasing the dragon, 
While I'm facing reality, 
Trying to maintain our family, 
Trying to be positive and happy, 
Babe we just got married! 
and somehow, the smack, keeps grabbing you back. 

If you knew how much it breaks my heart, 
Would you make a fresh start? 
The truth is, I know it makes no difference, 
You'll keep doing it until you're ready,
Until then, I'll try and keep life steady, 
I'll try and keep life on track, 
Until the smack stops grabbing you back!!


Loving Wife
24 Aug 2013

He's trying to come off it now, in the first stages of his withdrawl, i really hope he can do it for good this time and not be sucked back into his old habbits, but old habbits die hard!

11 Sep 2013

i hope he sstays off it this time-this is a moving poem-sounds so like my situation, fingers crossed for you xxx

Loving Wife
14 Sep 2013

thanks so much, same to you. He's relapsed again but just got to keep hope, it's a constant battle but it's nice to know we're not alone xxx

16 Sep 2013

yeah we hav had a relapse aswell-but tbh he is he is using at every chance he gets-i hav to watch him take his subbies everyday as the chemist dont n he spits them out! he has even put paracetomol in his mouth n told me they were his subs under his tounge! i am losing hope atm, he has been caught in public smoking by lots of people i know-he is losing all morals-dont think i can take much more-dont want to be doing this for another 10 years :( im just having a down day i think-will prob feel better 2moro-hope urs is being good xxx

9 Aug 2014

how are you doing lately m8? i hope ur story is better than mine lol xx

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