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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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time to say no

Posted by maddie on 20 August 2014.

my first time writing here.cannabis has wrecked my sons life and his family.for the last 8 years we have paid of drug dealers loan sharks etc he has had 3 flats which we have helped furnish only for him to sell all his belongings. he lies cheats and cons money when ever he can.we have spent hundreds helping him but now enough is enough.its never enough he always wears you down esp me his mum.the final straw was him applying for 17 payday loans in my name to fund his habit he acc got away with 3 loans which i have now got to pay.i have got him drug worker many times but he only turns up for 1 app then never returns.i have now cut him off completely he his destroying not only his life but the rest of the family.its hard.its his birthday today and the first time i havnt got him anything but he would sell it or spend the money on drugs.i feel like the lady who posted on the 18th aug and me have very similar situation.its nice after all these years to finally find a website that offers help to the familys we suffer so much aswell.


20 Aug 2014

Hi just wanted to say you are definitely right with your decision as hard as it is for you. Yesterday I read about "enabling" an addict and when I see this word in a dictionary it shows my picture as the explanation for the word. please read up on it a lady on here told me about it and it was like the penny finally dropped for me i feel so strong today for the first time in ages and its because of this website you know you are not alone. 

Keep strong and stick to your guns x

22 Aug 2014

Hi maddie, hope your ok. Im in court tomoz to get an injunction on my son, it wont go down well, my son has said he will be over to get more money, we will see, hugs to you.xxxx

22 Aug 2014

Hi Maddie.

I don't know what to say... that is an unbelievable situation that no mother should have to go through.  Are you getting any sort of external support to help you in any way?  You shouldn't have to go through this alone.

If you need or want anyone to speak to and perhaps point you in the direction of some help, you can speak to someone at The Icarus Trust.  We are a charity with trained advisers who can provide support and even suggest local help.  You can register on the website at or email us at

I really hope things pick-up for you and start to sort themselves out.

28 Aug 2014

thanks for all your comments really helpfull. since i ist wrote my son has yet again been intouch begging forgiveness yet again i said i would think about things.this as now caused a huge fallout with my husband and daughter thay do not want him back mainly to protect me. the more bad things he DOES TO ME i become morE UNWELL to the point of having a breakdown.i have done a lot of soul searching the last few days and i cant go through as hard as it is i am keeping out of my life he cannot drag us any further down .

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