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Tip of the iceberg....

Posted by Ad93 on 25 February 2013.

My sister is 28 , and has been an alcoholic for 11 years (that we know of). She has been arrested several times, taken lots of cocaine and ecstasy , and on one occasion was even in a "stabbing fight" with her ex boyfriend (her daughters father). We received a phone call that day by my very young niece (who must have called by accident after finding a mobile). Something didn't feel quite right so we travelled to their flat, where we knocked and knocked for ages. We shouted through the letterbox to see my beautiful niece toddling around in blood. We called the police and it all went from there.  My sister has had her daughter taken from her by social services, who has now been in the care of my mum since she was 18months, she has just turned 5, my mum has quit her job to take care of her, so we live on next to nothing as I'm at university. My sister has been to AA , Oasis and several other help groups, but they haven't done anything . We have been nothing but supportive, and she has been nothing but violent and aggressive, even when sober. She has been evaluated by a psychiatrist and they've deemed her perfectly normal, when we know otherwise. When sober she sits there watching Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, claiming thats who she is. She takes out several "payday" loans and spends them on the latest gadgets (which she then loses/breaks) and doesn't provide a penny for her daughter, despite still receiving child benefits for her. She turns up at our house at silly o clock absolutely paraletic ringing the doorbell until we answer, she then eats our food, steals money and leaves by morning. She has never worked a day in her life but seems to think that this world owes her everything. She recently started a relationship with one of the leaders of the AA meetings and has managed to turn him back to the drink. We received a phone call yesterday saying they were moving to Scotland and have since had a phone call from my sister saying he's left her in Newcastle. Everybody we speak to tells us not to give up and that my sisters case isn't severe enough to entitle her to free rehab, but its ruining our lives and the life of her beautiful daughter, who she doesn't seem to care about. Myself and my mum are at our wits end but nobody seems to want to help unless we have money, which we don't. I've had this since I was 9 years old, she ruined my childhood I don't want her ruining her daughters...

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