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titlei need answer s

Posted by dee0739 on 28 April 2014.

My boyfriend of 8 years is smoking crack in a cigarette.he works for my dad and we live in my dad rent house next door.he get paid every week between 2 or 4 a week.he only gives me @ the most 50 bucks .I have a daughter we never have food he expect for us to eat at my parents.I run out of gas during the week because I don't have money to get back and forth from work.he is broke the same day he gets paid.I'm so embarrassed in front of my dad because he wonder why I never have money  and he pays him every week.What do I do I love honest please


29 Apr 2014

Ultimately most of us only make decisions when we r ready to and despite what anybody tells us but my opinion on your situation is that there is one thing supporting ur loved one still loving them and being torn apart bcoz of theur drug abuse and then there is the way he is treating you.. he is seeing you n ur child go without every week which is down to u to change bcoz he probably wont bcoz his priority right now is crack and whilst he is in addiction he wont b able to put anybodys needs before his own only u can change u cant change him..i hope u find the strength to realise u deserve better..i no its much harder said than done. X

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