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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Posted by fifi65 on 27 November 2013.

It's been a month now, and I'm giving him the tough love treatment, by that I mean I have'nt gone looking for him to feed him or make sure his clothe's are clean.. I think he maybe giving me the tough love treatment as well , he has'nt been near ????
Despair!! where's my little boy with the blonde curley hair?
His beautiful eye's are dead in his head
doe's he remember the last time he slept in a bed?
Frantic and manic with money to find
Heroin and Crack there two of a kind..
His teeth are all yellow, his back it is arched
He want's no comfort
It's for the drug's he is parched!!
No rhyme or reason will he comprehend
I am his enemy, not his mother his friend
all hope is gone, but i still carry on
For my baby boy with the blonde curley hair xxx

Struggling a bit tonight xx


6 Dec 2013

This is so true my brother is in a similar situation rigth now and its breaking my heart as well as my mothers this sounds exactly like something she would say. X

8 Dec 2013

It's so hard Maria, to watch someone you love completley destroy themselve's and you can do Jack s**t to stop it.. I ve still not seen my son, but I have heard he is around about.. This time of the year is more upsetting, Im just putting on a brave face for the sake of others, god bless to you and your mum xxx

20 Dec 2013

I too once had a little blonde a man with scars all over his body from iv drug use.  I relate to your poem and know the pain.  The helplessness is so overwhelming---trying to help someone who really only wants help long enough to get money for the next fix.  I wait for the knock at the door or the call on the phone saying all hope is gone.

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