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Trying to stay clean.......

Posted by CANT TAKE NO MORE on 23 October 2014.

My son rang me today....his head was a mess, a small argument with his girlfriend which to him was the worst thing ever.....what should I do, I can't think straight, he told I told him, don't think! Let the feeling wash over you (something he has never had to, whilst in the thows of addiction)....I told him it was ok to feel sad, angry, upset.....then we talked about coping son is fighting back against addiction so feeling real emotions is unique to him....I also told him that he had achieved so much in a short space of time....that he needed to be kind to himself.....but the biggest thing for me was when he to,d me he had been asked to attend the work Xmas party.....his decision was to say no, recovery is more important....what a long way he has come....the weekend will be the clincher ......I hope he continues to make good decisions......but, I know it's hard....I pray he continues on the right road...


26 Oct 2014

What a great response to your son , I think that's a really great way of showing your support but not taking too much on yourself . I wish I could be the same sometimes I say nothing because I'm just to unsure of what the right thing is to say . It really does sound like your son has an understanding of his situation and what some of his down falls could be . Hope he stays that way . You've done brilliantly xx

29 Oct 2014

What an amazing young lad, My heart goes out to you and yr family..He is on a journey that is achievable but as you know it will be difficult at times. Keep strong, he is blessed with such a caring parent X

6 Nov 2014


So pleased to hear he is making progress!

9 Nov 2014

Had a call today ans spent over an hour on the poor son is finding it so hard...ready to give up. Addiction tests those in recovery to their limits....the fear in his voice, the admission of feeling weak and depressed and unable to cope...his honesty telling me he had had some cocaine, to stop the we talked about the whys, and what would be HIS next morrow he will go to see his counsellor, and try and get in to see his doctor..I have so much admiration for him...his battle is far from over, and as his mum, will walk beside him to show him I am on his side and believe he can do it....if anyone out there has any words of wisdom  now would be a good time to tell me...he texted to say he was in bed, off to work in the morning.....I pray he stays strong enough to keep love for him and trust in him knows that our fight is ongoing..the devil of addiction better be ready for me, cause I'm one bad ass mum, who will do anything to help my son get through this....prayers to all those effected by addiction stay strong!

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