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Were I went wrong

Posted by faye on 27 March 2014.

On may 12th 2012 my 22yr old daughter was thrown from her boyfriends truck . Into the path of a car which ran over her. She died later at the er. I thought she had gotten off cocaine. Which she started to use when she was seventeen . I thought she was clean . She had a baby at sixteen . She was five at the time of her death.I have my granddaughter living with me .And her drug use tore our family apart.But her death has really done us in .My grand baby will cry the saddest tears wanting her mommy back. And to really make it bad the guy wasen't charged with anything. I hear he rats for the feds so he can kill my daughter and anybody else and get away with it.It hurts so bad !Now I think my 31yr old son is on meth. I don't know were I went wrong but I feel like I must have done something. I pray I don't loose him to drugs. Thanks for listening


27 Mar 2014

Hey Faye, im so sorry to hear about your loss.....I cant begin to know how your feeling, but what I can say is we as parents always tend to blame ourselves, wondering if there was anything we could have done or said....the answer is a resounding NO! Drugs dont care who they pick, rich, poor, young , old!!! Your son is 31 and has made his choice......hard to come to terms with but true. Take care Faye, and look after that grand daughter...she is the one who needs you most xxxx

29 Mar 2014

Hi Faye, just read your blog, its sad really sad, it is heartbreaking to lose a child especially, under these surcumstances, please don't blame yourself, thinking you have done something wrong, drugs are rife these days and most kids seem to try it at some point, but sometimes that's all it takes, and then they are hooked, even though I know this and say it too you, I too have blamed myself for my daughters drug abuse, talking on this site really helps as others are going through the same things, keep strong for your granddaughters sake, and live for her.xx

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