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What can i do?

Posted by Joella on 23 August 2013.

My partner has been smoking heroin for about a year. He's finally come to the point where he wants to change his life around and is seeking help, however its taking weeks for anything to be done and i don't feel like he can wait weeks. We don't have the finances to pay for private rehab and i don't know what to do next. He's a good person who wants to get better, he just made some  mistakes and now he wants to get help it just isnt there. What can i do?


Loving Wife
24 Aug 2013

It's great that he finally wants to change, that's the first major step to anyone's recovery. With your help and supervision he could get better with help from the gp aswell. I don't know how heavy of a user he is, but if he can get through his withdrawl stages, which will be agonising for both of you, the gp should be able to offer you support with subutex or methodone, but from experience with my partner the subutex are the best option, as methadone is very addictive in itself. To help with the stomach cramps and other withdrawl symptoms try buscopan and other remedies for the chemist, these will ease the pain. Seeing him in pain and knowing that the heroin will make him feel better will be difficult but try and get through it together and support him and hopefully you will be able to get through it together.

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