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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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What to do next.....?

Posted by Lucinda on 28 January 2014.

Hi, I have just joined the site and read some of your stories, I knew they're were other people with family members with alcohol/drug issues, but the similarities are bizarre! :)). My brother is 36 yrs old, he has been in and out of trouble since he was 6yrs old, finally being diag with ADHD at 23, by which time he had been in prison for minor crimes 5/6 times.  I have always been very close to him, but he has also done every drug you can think of, been in numerous rehabs and had two serious bleeds on the brain, due to alcohol consumption and falling hitting his head :(((. He also survived pneumonia last year. I can't believe he is still walking around. He still lives with my mum and partner, this puts huge pressure on them as mum feels desperate to help him but he can manipulate her into buying him alcohol, we have been in touch with doctors/ad action and aa. But he has been taken off the books of ad action as he walked out of his recent rehab stay after 3weeks into a 12 week program and they have actually said they do not know how to help him. He is my brother but I now longer know who he a loss for ideas at this point, sorry to be negative but I truly do not know which way to turn at this point. Any advise really appreciated, and I sympathise with all of the stories I have read. :))xx


30 Jan 2014

hi lucinda, i wish i had a solution for you, but unfortunately it has to be him that makes the change, this much ive learnt along the way, ive tried everything i can think of to try to get my son back, hes 34 now and been an addict since he was 17. He has been through rehab several times but always reverts back to drugs when the going gets tough, sorry that i cant offer you anything more positive, all you can do is stay strong listen to your head n you gut feelings, I wantedto reply to let you know that you are not alone, take care love, 
Sue xx

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