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when to walk away?

Posted by Summer26 on 5 March 2014.

i have been with my partner 5 years and love him dearly, he has been battling with heroin addiction and really has tried hard... i have done my best to support him and educating myself about addiction. I have bee there for him when he has been into rehab twice and has just gone back in. i know he wants to get well and does this for a period of time but then relapses.... i like to think im strong but never talk to anyone about it because my family and friends dont understand its not easy to walk away from the person you love.  if he cheated on me then it would be so much easier but i know that he has an illness. he has gone back into rehab now and my question is how much more of my life going to be spent waiting for him to finally kick the habit. i know this relationship has damaged me in many ways and wish i had more strength but he is a good person and i love him very much .... so confused right now :( x


7 Mar 2014

Every word you have written is a mirror image of my life, I know exactly how you feel from the moment I open my eyes im wondering when he will use next , the lies I can see straight through them, I have also learnt far to much about addiction that there is no place for him to hide, and even though I love him so vety much I know deel down it will never pan out to be a happy ever after, its a waiting game of who will break first , will he end up in a box or will I ever find the strength to walk away, we never askedto fall in love with an addict , but thats all they are is an addict  and unless they decide to kick it we will always come second best , as much as they say they love us everytime we forgive it gives them the green light to use again and again , they will only ever change when they have nothing left and then theywill have to fight to get it back, and if they dont fight as much as it would hurt atleast you know you have done the right thing to ensure your happiness, I love my other half so much but this isnt a life its a living nightmare and the only one to stop it is you , I wish I had a cure an all the answers for you, but noone does you just neefto find the strength to walk away , not forever but just so he knows he has to change , like me when we forgive they seem to forget, but I cant forget , they call it tough love and I think its the only way, if all you want is to be happy then you need to choose life not love xxxx my thoughts are with you xxx

7 Mar 2014

Thanks for your post ... So true what you are saying... Hopefully we will both find the strength to choose life xx

17 Mar 2014

I am going through the same situation. I love him so much but he loves heroin more and it pains me to say I juet can't live like that anymore.

I have my 2 children to think about.

I just don't know what to do, everytime I ask him to leave he refuses and all the broken promises and the lies and the borrowing money all the time has took it's toll now.

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