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when will it end

Posted by hopexxx on 18 April 2011.

where do i start ,ime 30 ive been with my husband 13 yrs we have 3 great kids,i should be happy instead life,s one big struggle with his alcahol addiction,he started his 5th detox on the 7th of feb this year,he didnt touch a drop 4 8 wks now the last week he as been drinking again now i am crushed again i feel so angry,sad,confused i feel like he doesnt love me an the kids enough to stay off it,my eldest daughter who is ten hates her dads drinking,sometimes he shouts other times he go,s on and on about the most sillyist things,there,s no reasoning with him,he does nothing round the house half the time he doesnt even get up till the afternoon,somtimes i feel as if ive signed some kind of contract that says its my responsability to make sure he has enough money for his cans,if i say no he pesters and pesters then comes the guilt trip that he is going to be ill with out it,i know his life is not my responsability but it feels like it is,i feel so let down again,will this ever end or am i just the mug i feel like xx


30 Jun 2011

Agree with Star's comments. I wonder how "Hope" is getting on a couple of months down the line. I am sending some positive thoughts to you "Hope," If you haven't taken "Stars" advice yet, get in touch with one of the support orgs. The only thing you can change, is how you respond to what happens. Sadly you can't "stop" your husband drinking until he decides he will make the change. 12 step programme DOES work for many. Best wishes. "Rose."

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