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When will the worry ever end?

Posted by Deb on 31 October 2013.

My son is 24 years old and he's always been polite and well mannered. He got a good job in a bank after he left school, passed his driving test, brought a nice little car and met a lovely girl. I thought it was going to end happily ever after....After working in the bank for a few years he started complaining of headaches so he was sent for various tests and scans but nothing conclusive was found. He became moody and irritable and started having time off work because of these headaches. It was like living under a black cloud when he was in the house. Then he decided to give up his job and go to Uni, selling his car and dumping his girlfriend. 
Three months into Uni he comes home and is acting like a completely different person, talking so fast, opinionated and defensive. We ended up having him sectioned because he was going off in the middle of the night with no shoes on and talking nonsense, completely paranoid. 
He is now living in supported housing but has decided to stop taking the antipsychotic medication against his doctors advice and I can smell weed on him when he comes over to our house.
The consultant said he'd be fine if he stops smoking weed but he won't and I'm terrified of going through all of this distress again with him. He has 2 younger brothers of 11 and 13 and I don't want them to have all the upset again but I can't talk to my son. He's denied smoking it and says he's fine. What do I do? As a mum you want to protect your kids but I feel totally helpless and feel that my son is holding all the cards to our familys well being.

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