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Where do I go from here

Posted by Poppy on 11 October 2011.

My Nephew (Chris)who is 37 has alway been a cause of exacerbation to me, but he is such a lovely chap, very polite, loving etc.

His parents divorced when he was about 8-10yrs old, sorry I am not very good with ages.  His mother ran off with another man, and she took the children with her.

She now lives in Australia, with this man and my other nephew.

My brother died 3yrs ago now and since then Chris has taken it very hard, he confided in me recently that his step father and step brother had been abusing him, and I guess this is what led him to drink & drugs all those years ago.

My other brothers & sisters have nothing to do with him, and they are out of the way in Cornwall, as I am his closest relative now he has started to turn to me when he gets in a state.  

I am happy to try and help him, but I do not think he helps himself, he gets a long term girlfriend, which gets me some breathing space, but sadly even they give up on him in the end.  Who can blame them.

Because of his reliance on alcohol & drugs (he has used heroin in the past I believe and is to my knowledge using Cocaine & Canabiss Resin at the moment) and his new found wealth(his father left him over 30k and Chris has asked me to look afterr it for him, which I thought was a sensible request) He is drinking and doing drugs regularly.

He can't sleep at night and starts to text me, when I am thinking of going to bed, and laying on the panic stations, saying he can't cope anymore he wants to lay down go to sleep and not wake up.

I live over 2hrs drive away from him, the other day I had to call in sick, to go over to help him, when I got there I found a large block of canabiss resin on his table, and he was crashed out on his sofa, I panicked and went and found the Police, took them back to his house, where they arrested him.  I thought at last he would get some help but all that has happend is they gave him some contact details and he has to appear in court on 21 Oct.

He called me again last night, I was so worried that I called the Police and asked them to call around and see if he was o.k, as he said he was smashing up the house, he was in the dark with no elctric etc etc.  I guess you get the picture.

So I have now had to take another day off work, to go over to see him and give him some of his money as the 3.5k I gave him the other day, he used for Canabiss and he put the rest away somewhere safe and can't find, so he has no money to eat, insure his car, have his electirc sorted etc.

What do I do

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