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where do i start

Posted by jay on 31 October 2013.

I'm trying to post this for the second time as the website keeps disappearing on me. I'm desperate for some guidance. My 17 year old son is a drug user. He admits freely to cannabis, which he defends vehemently whenever I try to suggest it's harmful. I think he takes other substances - he said he once did "powders" but has given that up. I don't believe him. He lies CONSTANTLY and about everything, to the point where i don't think he even knows the difference anymore. He doesn't go to college, nor to work. He is spending his time with a 46 year old gay man who I don't know. the 46 year old lives in a bedsit, doesn't work, is supposedly on medication for mental health issues and smokes cannabis. My son spends his days and nights there, unless his girlfriend will see him in which case he will come home. His moods are extreme. On the very rare occasion he is happy it is to the extreme and bizarre. He becomes furious and sinister at the drop of a hat. I've tried involving his dad (the marriage broke up 6 years ago) but all he did was tell my son I obviously didn't love him and that he had an older friend when he was younger and to disregard me as I am not supportive. He has lost his temper on many occasions, and is vicious to his sister. He has stolen everything from me over the years but of course, denies it was him. He won't admit he has a problem. He never eats, smokes and drinks energy drinks and if he does eat, it's normally things high in sugar. He makes milk with half a glass of sugar in it. I'm watching things get worse and I don't know what to do. I went to our GP who told me the mental health services won't touch him until he's free of  drugs and my son sees no wrong in cannabis. I feel lost and alone and I can't watch my son slowly kill himself and do nothing. please tell me where to start?


31 Oct 2013

Hi Jay, I really sympathise with you. My son is 24 and he's been smoking weed for many years and this year he became psychotic and had to be sectioned. He's been on medication for 6 months now but has decided to come off of them and I know that he is back on the weed so I feel helpless as you do. I would contact your nearest mental health service yourself and speak to them about your concerns and see if you can persaude your son to visit them although if he doesn't think he has a problem then that will be hard. My son wouldn't go to see them and because of his erratic behaviour we had to get the police out and they took him to a psychiatric hospital but I hope it doesn't get to that point with you.

mrs arnold
12 Nov 2013

my mother has been such a good mental nurse for over 39 years, she was a immigrant so no body start with i am enbrodie shit , my mom came here with no money no english

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my mom is superd and has to work so hard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now how many bolllocks refugees have done that  my parents took ira abusvice ins smashed windows to me victims are no more

my son

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