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Why won't my sister take responsibility for her alcoholism?

Posted by Sam A on 1 January 2011.

My sister has always been fiery, recently we have seen this at its worst.  She has been getting drunk then becomes violent towards her loved ones.  She uses language and insults of the worst kind and appears 'possessed'.  This is having a huge impact on my family, my parents are former shadows of themselves and we are all living hour to hour wondeing if she is going to turn up drunk and violent.  this is made worse by the fact she has a 3 year old child with her and whilst we have not witnessed any direct violence towards her child they are seeing all the violence she is committing against others.  She is somewhat remorseful the next day but is still defensive, and although says she does not intend to do it again she has done it five times already within the last couple of weeks.  i had to call the police last time because we could not calm her down and she was arrested.  Despite finding out information about support systems, driving her places, looking after her child and generally putting up with her violence towards us she still seems to not appreciate the full impact of her behaviour and gets touchy when we try to explain it to her.  I am physically and emotionally drained and i cant imagine what my parents and siblings are going through as they live closer than i do.  We are at the end of our tethers and literally can't take anymore.  She is due to speak to an alcohol service but i cant help being cynical that as the help is based on what she tells them she will not get the actual level of help she needs.  We are trying to be open minded and want to believe she means what she says but this is so hard when her remorse is punctuated by defensiveness and she has already assaulted those closest to her, whats to stop her continuing now?

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