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Codeine abuse?

I’m currently going through a reduction regime as I became addicted to Codeine about 10 months ago. I started the reduction on 28 30mg tablets a day and I’m now on 5. I was just wondering whether it is normal to feel some sort of withdrawal? Even though you’re still taking it? I reduce 30mg every 2 weeks so it is a slow process but I can feel the difference. Im also afraid I’ll miss the feeling of the euphoria which I tend to crave and I don’t want to end up relapsing. I’m just looking for support to help me towards realising that being under the influence of Codeine doesn’t need to be my way of life.

I became addicted to codeine because I endured a traumatic birth of my daughter and ended up with a second degree tear of the muscles in my birth canal then followed by various infections which were incredibly painful. I was stitched up and prescribed Codeine for the pain and discharged the next day. It was then that I realised that it took away and masked post natal depression and made me what I thought feel happier and less tired. And obviously as I grew tolerate to opioids I felt I had to keep increasing the dose and it just escalated from there.

It’s not a way of life I want for myself but I find it difficult to imagine life without it ????

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Hi Bethany, I have no idea about addiction to codeine but it sounds like your doing really well and have reduced your daily doseage massively. I hope you are getting some support if you are still suffering from post natal depression. You take care.

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I would go to your doctor and speak to them openly about this - you must seek help, as it could become something a lot more serious.

Good luck xx

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Hi Bethany, Just wandering how your doing, im 11 days clean from codeine and doing ok.

Hope your still doing ok.


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Hi Bethany yes it’s normal to feel the withdrawal from a taper, how are you doing ?

Neil I’m currently 3 days clean and feel awful in myself. When did you start to feel a little more happier or motivated ? Cheers

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Hi There,

What current symptoms do you have? Definitely the first 4 days are the worst if you can get through today you should slowly start to feel better in the coming days, if you feeling like caving in ask your self a simple question "Where will i be in 1-2 hours from now if i cave in" you will be back to square one and any rush will have worn off already.

You need to look after yourself at this point my daily intake of goodness is now Centrum Multivitamins (double dose), Floradix liquid supplement twice daily for energy, Magnesium supplements, cold and flu capsules to deal with aches and temperature and shivers etc. immodium to deal with bad stomach and dioralyte after each visit to rehydrate (important). also been juicing oranges regularly for Vit c and immune system. try and get out for a walk and a little exercise also i know not easy in this weather but it really does help to get fresh air. i probably done to much last week i made sure i was busy everyday walking miles with my dog etc. and then read over the weekend that rest is just as important as the body is very weak whilst detoxing.

I feel a lot better today though i still feel fatigued but certainly better than the last few days which actually felt as though i had ran 2 marathons (not exagerating either) just so tired. but really feeling a bit more alive today. Sleep is still poor im afraid not had a full night since the start but been to holland and barratt today who advised to try CBD oil. which i will try today and tonight and report back to you.

You can beat this i never believed i could and i truly feel i am there now. I have small cravings but by taking other (healthy things) such as the vits and CBD you feel like its a replacement.

One final thing i would recommend if you have any pills at your disposal to remove them to somewhere difficult to get to. I have an allotment and i took my pills there and hid them as i knew that i would not be able to leave the house at 11pm to get them but it was good to know that they where there if i needed them. I have since burnt the lot so no going back now !!!

You will get there feel free to write back any time for more help or if you are struggling, these discussions really do help

Cheers Neil

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Thanks for the reply Neil,

The cold turkey for me is the easier part it’s the “depression” afterwards that follows I find hard to deal with. I’m currently taking a multi vitamin and 5-HTP from Holland and barret and trying to get fruit etc into me, each day is slightly better so hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel more comfortable in my body and manage to sit bloody still. How have you managed with the feeling of been low and having no energy ? Or did you not get these feelings ? I’ve been going for walks to take my mind off it and still at work which is so hard but I just can’t motivate myself to look after my children and help my wife out and it’s driving me insane. I’ve got no tablets they got flushed Friday evening.

On a separate note well done on beating your addiction Neil, it makes me happy reading people winning over codeine it’s a horrible drug and far too easy to access, I’m glad you burned them that way it seemed more ritualistic like you’ve came to terms with not needing them well done.

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Hi Again,

Thanks for the kind words, it certainly felt like a ritual listening to pops of each packet exploding :)

I dont want to temp fate for myself but although i feel i have a bit of mild anxiety i dont feel any depression at all. I pray that it stays that way as i somebody who has never suffered with depression i would be so angry if i caused myself to suffer because of the tablets. I am 42 and have a good family around me and a 2 year old grandson who almost lives with us who idolises me and me him, i throw myself into spending as much time as possible with him, last week i had him out almost everyday and it really did help me get through the first week. he went home yesterday but will be back on tuesday so i am using today and tomorow to just take it easy and rest up, just been for an hour walk with the dog and put on headphones with some corny uplifting songs but this really helps me. and all the time knowing that 2 weeks ago i would have been probably lying in bed sleeping for 2 hours as the codeine used to make me tired in the afternoons. You really will start to feel like you come alive soon.

I feel so lucky that so far my withdrawel has been no more than heavy cold and a bit of insomnia. but i am so positive right now and know that everyday i get that bit stronger and that soon it will be over.

I simply am not going to allow it to consume me. I have a vision of getting up at 7 am on a lovely spring morning in the coming weeks and walking the dog through our local country park feeling full of life and energy.

i am going to give it another 2-3 days recovery and then start to exercise more aggresively as i do feel that part of the lethargy is that i have allowed myself to become so unfit and this will certainly help produce t he right chemical in the brain.

Keep going !

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Thanks for the reply Neil, hearing about your progress helps me with mine !

We’ve got a holiday booked in July and hoping for Radio One Big Weekend tickets in May so 2 massive things to look forward too that keeps me focused aswell. Unfortunately I still lack energy and motivation I’m hoping in the coming days this will return to me because I’m usually very active. Not sure if it sounds like I’m babbling on but just talking to someone and typing this stuff makes me feel better. Hope you’re still doing well Neil.

Bethany how are you doing ?

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Hi Dadict,

I’m still doing well, or as well as can be expected, I returned to work yesterday after a 7 week layoff so never slept at all on Monday night a mix of insomnia and a bit of anxiety about returning to work so yesterday was a bit of an uncomfortable day as the tiredness was immense, my eyes felt heavy and just a bit of low feeling but it’s really just down to lack of sleep am sure. Didn’t sleep brilliant last night but went to bed at 10 and was in bed till 7 am for work, felt like another broken night’s sleep as awake regularly but must have got a bit of sleep as a bit more awake today.

I’m still suffering a bit of diariaha and still feel very slightly fluey (blocked nose and cough etc.) so I guess even after 12 days that I’m still going through the last bits of withdrawal and it’s not quite out of my system yet. I do believe as I used to take a large dosage once a day that the withdrawals are dragging on longer than somebody who took it at more regular intervals as to be fair my symptoms didn’t kick in for 2-3 days after my last dose so don’t worry I would hope you will feel better a lot sooner. I am back at my doctors tomorrow to discuss the lack of sleep I’m hoping that they give me something to help get it back on track as do feel that once I get a full night’s sleep I will feel 1000% better. I am going on holiday in June with my wife and grandson to turkey and like you I’m so looking forward to being there full of energy. I have been 4 times in the last few years and each time was shovelling pills down my throat at night and feeling so tired all day, also worrying at customs about bringing medication into the country etc., it will be great to not have to worry about it anymore.

How are you doing at the moment ? I will keep you posted on my progress also

Cheers Neil

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