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Codeine addiction

Hi, this is my very first time on here, although I’ve been reading thru all your stories, and taking great heart an help with my own problems

So here goes,

I’m a 56yr old woman married , 2 grown up sons an grandson, a husband who I adore. You wonder why I ended up relying on this evil tablet? Well as we all know it creeps up when you’re not looking, and consumes your very being, I started on a couple of Solp max etc, then at my worst, I was taking a combination of solp max and Nuro plus, in total 540mg per day.

In the end I just had to say to myself, and I mean , no one else on earth knows about this, I couldn’t carry on, plotting and planning where my next “fix” would come from, driving miles to buy from chemists that don’t know me, the shame and the anxiety has made me so ashamed.

So today .... I’ve been tapering off on a scale of reducing 12mg every day, at first I didn’t feel any withdrawal symptoms, however I’m now on the final hurdle, today I’m only taking 2 , tabs, so 24 mg! But the anxiety and insomnia and joint pains and crying, and I won’t go into the toilet problems!! But I’m totally focused, I’ve been kept going by reading your stories every day, and felt it time that i joined in.

My last 12mg is tomorrow, I’m prepared for the rubbish that’s coming my way, I’ve invested in freeze spray for my joints, that helps a bit, I’ve got Nytol for helping sleep, which helps a bit, I’ve got magnesium and vit C with Zinc, all of which I’m not sure help but I feel at least I’m doing something more positive!

I will keep checking in on here, I love to see that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

I keep telling myself it won’t last forever, and eventually I’ll be able to drive past a chemist without going in! How wonderful will that be, not to mention the financial side !

Good luck to you all, let’s beat this evil pill, it should NOT be sold!!

Thanks for reading. I know I went on, but it helps as well

replying to Kally

Hi kally I’m so pleased to hear that your finding the strength to kick those things. I’m on day 9 now and I must say the withdrawals do get easier. I did use 3 nights of5mg diazepam from a trusted friend to help me in the beginning so I have had little to none insomnia apart from waking up very early - these help immensely with withdrawals. I’m now on Nytol too. Honestly the best way I find is to ride it out and go cold turkey - it will be gone from your system in 3 days. You will and should feel so proud of yourself! Remember to drink plenty drinks with electrolytes ( coconut water or sports drinks ) as your body will need them. Also take a multi vitamin, plenty water, walks - getting out into nature and generally just looking to the future with a new fresh attitude. Most importantly please do not beat up on yourself - what is done is done-we we’re not led on this path because we are bad people , we only wanted to feel good and escape our problems for a while - but after a while codeine only makes your problems worse and your body needs more and more to reach the feeling. The power is within us to change and be happy healthy people without substances. Your doing great please do not give up - the aches and pains are only temporary- a new life awaits us- feel excited about that !!!!

replying to Kally

Thankyou Rosie, yes I am very determined, this morning was the last tablet (12mg) I need to now put my positive hat on, get out for a walk, although the weather here today is awful. I also have an under active thyroid, so I have to be careful what I take so as not to send that up the wall!( and I’m at that not so funny age!!) Ive got some vit c and iron and magnesium, and will keep up with those. The worst feelings are the anxious and feelings of exhaustion. But as you say once I actually motivate myself, it gives me some happy endorphins ????

Wow you should be so proud of yourself for becoming 9 days off this evil, and we are not out of the woods yet, but I’ve had enough of being a slave to all the chemists and feeling ashamed, well done to you, great to know you’re keeping your promise to STOP.

I read somewhere that once we’re 50 days clean... that’s it we’ll be rid of it for good!

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me, this forum is what has really helped, when you can’t open up to anyone else!

Please let me know how you’re doing


replying to Kally

Hi there kally how are you getting on? I’m hoping you are doing well with your taper and you’ve been in my thoughts! 12 days today for me - still a long road ahead but I’ve had absolutely no desire to take these tablets ever again. Yes my body still tells me it wants them ( mornings are the worst ) but I just tell myself that ‘you can cry all you want for it but the codeine is gone’ I know my body is just acting in response to me taking away a substance that I introduced to it ,that it DOES NOT NEED, once you change your mindset you can beat this ! We got it. Please let me know if you are ok Kally - you can do this too

replying to Kally

Hi Rosie, lovely to hear from you, yes I’m now 36hrs into my detox! So have none????????Like you say the withdrawal symptoms are hell, if only we knew eh?

Yesterday I was very shaky and sadly fell down the stairs, I was rambling on, an unfortunately or fortunately for me my son called an ambulance! To cut a long story short, I still couldn’t tell the medical staff, I was blaming my Thyroid, I had all my bloods done and ECG all came back normal, I so grateful I haven’t done any lasting damage, except for a lot of bruises from the fall. It’s made me even more determined, I haven’t even touched paracetamol, all I’m doing is using freeze sprays and heat rubs. I slept quite well last night, but that’s prob because I’d spent half the day in hospital

You’re doing so well, very proud of you, and it gives me such hope to know there’s so many other people like us, it’s a crime to sell these over the counter, ok they tell you only for 3 days, but as we know as once you’re sucked in by these pills you stop listening, and you become the best Oscar winning actor!

In a morning I’ve used lavender oil, just dot on me, I’m lucky I don’t work, and my hubby works away, so if I’m having a bad night, at least no one else is disturbed, I’m hopeful maybe the fall yesterday will mask the withdrawal symptoms, fingers crossed????

Please let me know how you’re getting on, I to been thinking about a lot of people on here, I read them at least once a day, just to assure me that things can get back to normal, I’ve nearly forgotten what that is.

I’ve got a book by Fearne Cotton.. Happy, it’s a good read, and a book called the Secret, all about positivity .

Thanks again for asking about me, I’ll check in with you next time

Take care of yourself, and know that you’re worth so much more than being a slave to an evil little pill, we are women and as such can conquer anything, although sometimes we have to dig very deep to find our strength

Good luck hun


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replying to Kally

Hi kally im so glad you are still free !! Isn’t it a great feeling? I’m so sorry to hear about your fall - that must’ve been so scary for you ! I hope you will be feeling better soon! I totally agree about those things being sold otc - people don’t realise what they are taking and I can definately see there being a government crackdown here in the uk. I can’t help thinking of others like us out there who are so scared of the withdrawals and too terrified to stop even although they are hurting there bodies and minds. It’s 2 weeks for me today and although I still feel bad in the mornings and bowels still not right - I feel absolutely great! I will definately but the Fearne Cotton book Thankyou so much and I have re read the Secret too. I also listen to Abraham- Hicks on YouTube - just type in Abraham Hicks addiction and you will have lots of videos to choose from - this has been my saviour as it’s helped me understand exactly why I was drawn to these things in the first place. If you understand the messge of the Secret you’ll understand Abraham perfectly. I’m rooting for you - I’m proud of you - you sound like a wonderful human with so much to give and love about this life. Please keep me updated ! And Thankyou !!!!!!

replying to Kally

Ahh hi Rosie, wow, you’re giving me such hope, I’ve had a rough few nights I can’t switch my brain off at all, an I’m still suffering with legs and knees hurting, not to my back( from the fall!) but it’s 5 days free of this and Infact, I haven’t even touched any other painkiller, after spending the day at hospital , I just looked at some of the “ real druggies” in AE ( although who am I kidding, just because I don’t fit the normal mould, I’m still an addict to this stuff!) I made a pledge to NEVER put my body thru this again, and I know it’s still early days, I’m going to get some Nytol today, fingers crossed for a bit of shut eye ( just a couple of unbroken hours!) and I’m still very anxious! No headaches tho! It’s a beautiful day here ( I’m in UK, Manchester) no rain for a change, do I might sit outside for a bit, or if my legs will carry me, even a walk.

You truly are an inspiration, Infact as we know there’s so many of us, doing exactly that. More proof that Nuro plus, or Solp max shud be banned!!????but there’s some people getting very rich with the amount we buy.

Keep up your amazing work sweetheart, yes I’ll try that YouTube guy, the fearne cotton one is prob a bit lightweight, but I enjoyed it.

Take care of yourself Rosie, be strong, and NEVER give in again, our lives are going to be the best yet, soon..... I hope ???????? X

replying to Rosiegold

Hey Rosie how are you going on? I’m now a full 7 days off these evil pills, Infact not a single paracetamol or ibruprofen, which is incredible with the pain I’m in from my fall! I’m doing ok in the day, no real cravings, but my sleep is pretty much none existent, I’m taking 5htp, and vits, plus Nytol, but still can’t get my brain to switch off. Im told it could be anything up to a month or more before sleep returns, but I live in hope! Every day is a new day, free from Codeine and that is 100% worth the other issues.... I’m sure eventually my body will return to normal! Hope you’re still doing well


replying to Kally

Hi Kally!!! I’m so so glad to hear your still off them and doing so well!!! You must be so proud and your an inspiration just remember that! I’m day 19 now and last night was a good night as I slept from midnight until 9am - few wake ups along the way but this is a sign everything is returning to normal again as I normally wake at around 6am . You must be exhausted but please keep going as pretty soon this will all be a distant memory and one you won’t want to repeat. Mornings are the time I feel the worst as my body ‘craves’ it first thing but I have my coffee and vitamin ( this gives me the placebo of taking a ‘pill’ ) and it seems to subside. But I’m so shaky in the morning are you feeling it too? Then the next wave is around 8 pm in the eve as I’d take 3 or 4 then each night but I just tell myself that my body is only asking for something that I introduced into it - something that it does not need , I say that it’s just my body wondering where the pills are but that soon my body will realise it can function without them and all of these cravings will disappear. Saying this really helps me to put the feelings away. Another thing is keep busy busy - it stops your mind wanting them. I know it’s hard as you had a bad fall. Don’t feel bad for taking a paracetamol here and there as it will help your aches. I really hope you start sleeping very soon - from what I remember last time it does take about a month to get back into a sleeping pattern. But every day we are getting better and better. Be PROUD of yourself - 7 days is the worst hurdle to cross. You have done it- faced your fear of the withdrawals and you’ve come out the other end. I’m thinking of you all the way Kally. I’m lucky as I teach fitness classes of a special kind and these although they are so strenuous- really do get the endorphins buzzing ! So do something you love - even if it’s listening to your favourite song or a film you love to watch. The brain receptors need to be woken up again and this is the best way to do it! Thinking of you xx

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