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A shock

A couple of months ago my son posted a life stream on line, he looked so thin and was clearly in a difficult phase. I had been preoccupied for a few weeks with my father being very ill in hospital. I took him some food the next day and was met by 3 of his friends at the front door expressing their concerns for his mental health. I then clearly saw he was in a psychosis phase. He agreed to go hospital but only to prove he was well. After hearing they wanted to do a mental health assessment he ran away.....to cut a long story short. Finally with a section placement in place he agreed to home treatment. Three months on and two other mental health assessments I’ve been told it’s not a mental health issue but a drug issue. He does nor want any help at this time, his life is destructing around him. He has lost his job, no longer allowed to see his children, about to lose his home. No support service in place and I don’t know what to do next. He phones me every day....talks so unrealistically about his plans and if I try to reasonalise anything he gets so angry with me. Any advice/ support welcome

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I haven’t had any response to my post, I’m still lost in the darkness of what to do and where to go for help! Other posts since have responses, I don’t know why I haven’t? Is it not detailed enough or desperate enough, because believe me I’m desperate for help!

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Sorry lancaster, i missed your post.. 1st off i have a cocaine problem. Im lapsing once a month but i am doing my best to quit.. and know a lot of coping ways..

But what drug is he addicted to? Whats his situation now? Sorry for no1 replying. Feel free to ask.me anything anytime

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Did his mates not even explain he was on drugs? He needs to stay away from everyone to do with drugs.. ive seen.people have breakdowns on cocaine as it sends you really down.. but i dont know what it is.

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