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Can we do this together? Cold turkey

I made my first post yesterday. I need to try cold turkey again. Starting tomorrow. I don’t want to do this on my own. I’m 64-96 N+ a day I know what the brufen is doing. A withdrawal must be easier than a death. Anyone in with me

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Hi Cinslie,

Many thanks for your post. I have been on around 48 N+ a day and pretty much know that the burden is destroying my insides. Ive tried to quit multiple times and reach the 5 day mark quite often. I'm willing to try again and knowing that I'm doing this at the same time as other will no doubt help.

I have an appointment with a drug and alcohol clinic tomorrow which i hope will provide guidance on how to tackle my addictions. i'll share any advice i receive in the event i feel it is helpful.

Good luck and I'm with you! x

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Thanks. Good luck to you too! I will start tomorrow. Maybe knowing we aren’t the only ones going through it will help. How does a withdrawal make you feel x

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For me personally, the withdrawal consists of flu like symptoms with achey joints, extremely tired, runny nose and watery eyes and... extreme diahrea! you can take some immdoium to help counter that but where you would normally have constipation with the codeine, the opposite happens when you stop!

I have had my dose of N+ this morning but i'll try again to make that my last and therefore lets encourage each other to stay off this nasty shit.

For me, whilst the withdrawals are horrible, i can usually get through the worst of it but for some reason I give up on being strong and relapse after a few days (usually after the worst physical symptoms start to fade). I'm not sure how to address the relapse problem.

Good luck in stopping and happy to check in with each other on here daily to confirm we are getting through this? :) x

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Absolutely. Do u ever hear your pulse in your ear from the brufen OD? Yes it’s the pure exhaustion and lack of interest that gets me the worst. The thought of getting up for the day fills me with anxiety. I can’t do any house work , I just want to flop in a heap. I’m away to work (which I can only do because I’ve had my dose). Speak soon x

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Ah wow, I wondered what that was. yeah I get a red flushed face with pulse in left ear sometimes. scary if that is due to the overdose of ibuprofen.

Yeah it does feel like the only way to continue is to keep the dose going doesn't it? especially as the withdrawals will make the anxiety and lack of motivation worse :(. it feels like being completely trapped.

we can do this though! we have to as we wont last forever with these constant doses of N+.

Hope your day is good and lets fight this! speak soon x

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Thank you for the support. Having this will hopefully get me through. Don’t want to be a let down x

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Hi Cinslie,

How are you? Did you manage to start your journey on stopping? I hope you are ok x

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Hey how are you both going I can relate have been taking 32 tabs minimum for nearly five years and I know in really harming myself. I get sleep apnoea most nights waking up with a start. I found the routes to recovery road maps helpful in explaining opiate withdrawal syndrome. I have stopped so many times often cave at the 5 day mark. I live off loperamide and ranitidine. I just want my life back

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