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Codeine addiction

I’ve been secretly addicted to codeine for what must be over ten years plus, it stated with a car accident I was given codeine paracetamol and was on repeat prescription, I then started having issues going to the loo which in reflection was a side effect as I wasn’t taking my tablets so I went to see the gp who thought it could be ibs he then gave me codeine tablets to stop the loose stools at this time I was Oblivias to addiction n did think I had ibs I never related the tablets together anyway I was then taking the pain releif codeine andcparacetamol for neck pain and codeine for ibs my gp never checked my notes and it wasn’t long after I realised I was hooked as they made me feel better or so I thought, I went to my gp who saw me weekly to wean me off but tbh I used it as a way of getting them on prescription I was in midst of a relationship break up so they kept me stable in my head as gave me that safe feeling

Once the doctor felt I’d weaned of the perscriptions ended so I needed to find a new source being the internet ive been spending at least £100 a month for this habit ever since so ten years on here I am I’ve emailed each of the companies I used so they won’t supply me very brave but I’m scared of what’s to come I have 28 codeine tablets left and a box of zapain think 200 in it

I can’t get into see my gp until next week and I’m scared of cold turkey incase I have heart attack or worse as I’ve read some horror stories

Can anyone tell me if I could go into shock stopping

I work full time my kids are at home but older I’m 47 and I’m scared to death at what I’ve done cutting of my supply but I’ve got to get off these things they make me detatched and almost numb to the world I’m existing not living

Anyone out there can offer any advise if really aprichiate it

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Hi I'm in the same boat. I was prescribed co codomol back in 2012 after a car accident. For tears I only took them at night and not every day. They helped me sleep and feel good. Also went very well with Alcohol. I know so bad.

But in the last 6 months I have been taking them in the day too. A family member passed away this year and these tablets have got me through it.

But last night I found this page and have been reading the horror stories. I'm so scared of coming off these things.

I'm at the point where I'm palmjng the kid's off to get high, no interest in anything, my day is all about my codeine fix now which really worries me.

Don't get me wrong I'm on prescribed dose but any form is not good long term especially with alcohol.

I recently had liver tested as told Drs I had a drink problem and all came back ok.

So now I'm thinking oh I'm ok to carry on. But I'm really not.

I've tried tapering but I've no willpower what so ever so I'm guessing N.A. is next stop.

I steal my partners pills and put in repeat scripts for him. He has no idea as he refused to take pills. Isnt he lucky!!

It's an awful addiction and no one knows about this.

Really needing some advice plz

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I’m doing the same I don’t get any codeine products through gp so I’m ordering in my x name !! Then ordering codeine privately so I have a supply I take 3 to 4 four times a day I don’t have any other vices tbh im pretty clean living bit of a home bird so no one would ever think I was an addict I run a home pay bills work I function in public my job is a pretty skilled one where I’m helping people daily with there finances ect so my fear is when I cold turkey will I be fit for work ! I have no annual leave left so starting to panic a bit tbh as I’ve cut off all my supplies when I had my determined head on I’m not sorry I have just fearful of what’s to come and how I’m going to do this and still function to do my daily life some say they come off quite easy so I’m praying I’m one of them but ten years is a long time I’m trying to be positive, I’ve trued befire and my full body aches I was on the loo and cold sweats so I do know what’s coming just don’t know how I’m going to manage to do this n function

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Maybe we can cut off together n spur each other on I’m seeing gp next wed so I’ll pass on his advise my main concern is my body going into shock or worse a heart attack think of my gp can assure me nothing like that will happen I will feel better n ride the storm

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I hear ya. To top it off i'm not even really enjoying being on them atm. The kids and partner irritate me and I just wanna be alone which isn't right.

I haven't tried being off them long enough to feel any side effects but I've read that their not particularly nice.

I'm up for spurring each other on for sure. All the support u can get i say!! Really hate myself for getting like this. I should be enjoying my children not resenting them. It's not fair.

Plz let me know what gp says x

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I do what I have to as a mum cook clean check on them but the emotional side of me has been gone for quite some time and I know that I work cook clean then shower n get in bed I isolate myself a bit tbh maybe for fear they can see through me, obvs u haven’t been depended as long as me so if I can do this so can u I’m not a drinker only ever if I go out so I guess u mixing both could be a challenge for u but I’m sure it’s achievable hun, I think once I’m told I can’t harm myself eg heart attack ect I’ll plan it to just cold turkey thou I don’t know what I’ll do about work I’m maybe going to have to do a week sick thankfully I get paid but just not sure what gp would do re sick note as can’t have drug withdrawal on it I could loose my job I imagine even thou it’s my old gp that gave me double doses n maybe added to me dependency I changed gp as moved and the one I have is really good so I’m hoping he can give me hope I don’t want to taper off as it doesn’t work I’ve tried few times so I’m defo looking to cold turkey

I’m bit scared as only 28 left and then I’ll be on codeine n paracetamol n fear of damaging liver with paracetamol is another worry

I’ll keep u posted on my progress and what the gp says xx keep in touch

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So tonight has been a real wake up call actually. My son has been crying to go back to his nans where's he's been all day whilst I work.

I couldn't even settle him due to taking the codeine. It's ridiculous. You hit the nail on the head with being detached. That's how I feel. Materially they want for nothing but I haven't spent quality time with them for what seems a while if I'm honest.

With regards to your sick note...the Dr may put mental health problems. As that's what addiction is so it could be any number of things. Luckily like you said you still get paid.

My job does my back in and I always use my tablets when I'm there then get home and top up.

It's a horrible vicious circle and I really need out.

I'm thinking I need to cold turkey too. Nights will be hardest as the boredom of the evening for me.

I have a puppy tho so may walk her plus it will tire her and my son out.

Really hope the Drs go well. I'm feeling positive for us both x

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I have a dog too and tbh I’ve neglected him to eg putting him in garden instead of walks !!! Obvs my kids walk him but only occasional thankfully he is only a yorkie so doesn’t need a lot of walking but I do same with him just what I have to n it’s not fair as prior to this I loved doing things my life was about my kids family and home and tbh now it’s about sneaking about n being on my own taking these awful tablets to feel stable !!

I’ve got no choice now as I have cut off all supplies so my only option is to stop and start to feel alive again instead of numb !!

My tablets don’t give me a high no more my tolerance is that high I’d say maybe the ones I take in the morning do but only a tiny high the others o take to stop myself feeling cold sweaty or tummy feeling like I need the loo so I take them to ease them feelings

I’m going to try and taper with the ones I’ve got left until I see the doctor next week

Today I’ve taken 3 x 30mg this morn

3 x 30mg about 2pm today and then when I came home from work I took 3 x 30 mg and I’ve not taken no more that’s quite good for me I’d norm take maybe another 3 so I’m quite proud today

If I can do this for this week I might be ok to cold turkey once been to gp

How many n doses are u taking ?

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Hi Teddy, Hi KayJay

This is my first proper post on here. I was reading this really long helpful thread that had so much info on it but I think someone ruined it by breaking guidelines, so it may be being deleted - I don't know.

I'm 3 weeks into a taper of dihydrocodeine. I was taking 20, sometimes 24 a day. I'm now down to 14 at the moment. I've found this is the way it's working best for me, but everyone is different. I have a chronic back problem and damage and that's where it started.

I know a lot of people posted on here that they have successfully got off codeine and opiates, so we can do this too.

For me, the anxiety has been the worst thing. Withdrawls haven't been bad so far as I'm reducing 10% per week. And if I need to pause at a dose for e.g 10 days, then that's what I'm doing.

I'm really scared of my chronic pain though and how I'll manage it. I haven't told my GP. I'm not ready to do that yet.

I really hope and know we can get through this. We need to do it for our kids. Wishing you both so much success x

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Morning. Over the last few months I've been on up to 10 x30mg daily. Like you, the morning ones do me quite well but as day goes on they just make you feel nothing really. Self loathing right now.

I haven't taken anything yet this morning but am certainly craving it. I had no idea these pills had such a hold on me. At least we're both waking up to the fact we need to act.

I'm gonna try and keep busy today and just take 1 tablet.

I'll update you later if ok. Hope you have a good day x

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