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Hey! Thank you so much for replying to me. On here is fine, the publicity of our struggles way help someone else. So I was prescribed codeine for pain related reasons after my daughter was born (second degree year and ongoing infections) However I found taking these tablets made me feel able to cope, to be a mum, to not feel tired and down with the PND I was unknowingly experiencing. I am currently on 5 30mg tablets a day which I’ve managed to reduce in 10 months. However my doctor has said it’s time I took control of my tablets on a weekly basis as being controlled by someone else will make it harder to stay sober. This has taken me aback as I have the tablets in my house and I am still finding the temptation to take enough to reach euphoria as a coping mechanism for motherhood, very overwhelming and have done so this past couple of days. Do you think it would be ‘safer’ to allow the doctors to take back that control? Or accept that I’ve had a relapse and start again with the weeks worth of tablets and try harder?

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I’m currently going through a reduction regime as I became addicted to Codeine about 10 months ago. I started the reduction on 28 30mg tablets a day and I’m now on 5. I was just wondering whether it is normal to feel some sort of withdrawal? Even though you’re still taking it? I reduce 30mg every 2 weeks so it is a slow process but I can feel the difference. Im also afraid I’ll miss the feeling of the euphoria which I tend to crave and I don’t want to end up relapsing. I’m just looking for support to help me towards realising that being under the influence of Codeine doesn’t need to be my way of life. I became addicted to codeine because I endured a traumatic birth of my daughter and ended up with a second degree tear of the muscles in my birth canal then followed by various infections which were incredibly painful. I was stitched up and prescribed Codeine for the pain and discharged the next day. It was then that I realised that it took away and masked post natal depression and made me what I thought feel happier and less tired. And obviously as I grew tolerate to opioids I felt I had to keep increasing the dose and it just escalated from there. It’s not a way of life I want for myself but I find it difficult to imagine life without it ????