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My Codeine problem by

Hi Amelia I’m currently day 13 clean and unfortunately the insomnia is still here although not as bad as in the beginning it’s just part of the withdrawal I’m afraid. Things to do tho: Excercise before bed. Bath before bed. No caffeine at all. Eat 2 bananas at night. Or you can do what I’ve done and buy Nytol from the chemist and take 2 before bed, bad side of this tho is it can make your restlessness more servere it’s luck of the draw I guess. Well done and good luck tomorrow.

Codeine abuse? by

Hi Neil, What should I search for to find the right meditation videos ? I’ve nevermediated in my life but I guess anything that will help I’ll try so why not, send me in the right direction and I’ll let you know what I think. Fishing is gunna be awesome for you it should bring back happy memories and get the endorphins and dopermine firing !! I’m a little jealous because I love the Lake District, Keswick has to be my favourite town in the UK. My wife’s parents have a beautiful static in the lakes so from time to time we get free weekends away I think we’ll be going in the next few weeks when the weather breaks. I haven’t had a single codeine craving at all, I’ve wanted the pain and mental torture and insomnia to go away but no via codeine I never want to see the stuff again and now that I’ve had this good day I’m starting to understand that I’ll have a life after codeine. I too feel more healthy for it, my skin isn’t as dry I have salavia in my mouth haha I’m not constipated I’m not constantly drowsy and my appetite has went thru the roof, I dunno if you gained or lost weight from using but I lost it and now slowly even after 12 days me and the wife have noticed a difference in my weight which I’m overjoyed with !! I never really slept on them neither id do the same as you, wait til she went to bed and just take them and enjoy the euphoria then go to bed at silly o’clock and wake up with the baby a few hours later, sometimes (and this is bad) is actually fall asleep sat up on the chair in the kitchen that’s how far gone I’d be, it’s a bit embarrassing now looking back. You’re right I’m glad we decided to stop around the same time and found this forum, honestly mate thru some of the bad days your words have helped me more than you will likely know ! Thank you. I’ve got support from the people around me don’t get me wrong but at the same time I’m so lonely and isolated with the withdrawal because it is indescribable really to someone who hasn’t been thru it so turning to you in this forum gave me a “shoulder to cry on” as they say. When we come out of the other side of this and get our normal selves back we should arrange a meeting or connect in social media. Something to think about. Keep it up mate we’re doing great !!

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Codeine Addicition Experience by

No problem Amelia this forum has been my go to over the last week it really has ! I’m the same as you I’ve done this in the last but the “depression” after is what gets me back to them but this time is different this time I’ve got a drugs counsellor I’ve got some therapy booked, I’m going to visit my dr for either anti depressants or sleeping tablets or both, I’ve dine a bit of research and there is anti depressants that get you brain firing and still lets your brain figure out how to work in its own so basically you can take these to help with the mental side then when you come off them fingers crossed your brain should be healed or just about there. 100% go to your dr, it’s confidential no1 else has to know. Well done in reducing your dosage by the way, awesome job !!

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Codeine Free Day 5 by

Looking for people in similar situations or have been in this situation in the past. I am on Day 5 of cold turkey and things are okay my body is starting to feel more normal, still a bit fidgety and uncomfortable but it’s manageable. The thing that’s annoying is the total lack of energy to do anything, especially around the house and with my kids I just can’t get myself off the settee and it’s driving me insane I’m usually a very active person. Can anyone say how long maybe before I get my motivation back or is there things people have done to energise themselves, thanks

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