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Lapsed on cocaine on the 4th week without again. by

So tonight ive lapsed again on dead on the month mark. Pay day. Ive not blown a stupid amount just 2 bags. Ive done great not even thought about it. Been in the gym twice a day.. eating well.. lost a stone. And then someone i cant say who and why.. but who deals with that needed to drop something off for my son whose a relative. And offered it me and i got it. I dont feel down like always. But i know i wont have it again for another month, which isnt as bad. But i dont want it all. Back to sqaure 1. But ill be straight back to normal tommorow.

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I need help by

This sounds simular to me.. im doing my best to quit coke. Ive not had it in 3 week. Im lapsing roughly once a month give or take. I hate the stuff. But going back to what your bf says... my gf dont really support me.. and sometimes i think she wants me to fail. I ask her take my phone off me every friday so i dont get that. And she never does.. i say ive not had it for a month now.. and she just smiles.. nothing ever your doing well.. But ive never really give her shit.. and if i have its a bit of both if you get me..sometimes she just knows im going to fail because she thinks i will. No support really. But ive accepted that. Just try and not row and remain calm.. if he starts the rows.. say ill talk to you when you calm down.. and do not raise you voice. Sometimes the coke makes us start arguments in our head.. so its an excuse to get coke.. its the chemicals in your brain wanting cocaine and it manipulates you. But i also wouldnt be telling him every day your doing well. Once a week.. is enough. But also help like... he cant have alcohol.. or just keep tabs on him.. but this is all up to you. And just my opinion lol feel free to ask me anything