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Partners coke addiction by

Hi lillies, hope your ok? Sorry to hear your story, its upsetting you saying.. all you wanted was your dad, and its history repeating itself. Im in the same situation as your bf.. except i hate the stuff and i am doing my best to quit. Ive lapsed twice this year.. but i get straight back on not having it the next day. The come downs are awful on coke and send some people suicidal. Personally you seem like you know what your talking about and you know your stuff, so the only advice i can give you.. Is fair enough hes your 1st love.. but are you really happy? Your still only young. Id have a good think what you want out of this and were you see your self in 5 10 years time. Or tell him hes on hisast chance, he gets help or your leaving.. but thats just my opinion. You can get coke in a village? Really? Tbh its everywere, i know so many people that are doing it! Its horrible

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I need to stop taking cocaine! It's killing me! by

Basically.. coke is leathal, you can drink as much as you want and stay the same level basically.. you wont be staggering like your drunk for instance.. Do you know what dopamine is? When the coke is wearing off it makes you really, really down and some people suicidal. It makes me feel suicidal. One reason i want to stop, as i have kids. One min your up the next it comes crashing down! Then you want more. Ive learned so much about it. Its not good at all chloe. Well.. try and catch him out one night! Lol does he have it in the house? Go bed and sneak down.. see what hes doing lol.and check his history quick haha

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Partner smoking cannabis by

Well my best mates sister who was 40, and a good friend died of lung cancer and it spread like wildfire.. from a diagnosis at xmas she died 3 month later this year. She smoked weed everyday, and had a pain in her side all the time. But smoked weed more to get rid of the pain. But that obv was the cancer.. You can give him as much advice as you want, my mums always truking people who have died in my face from coke, which i dont blame her, but its not just going to make me stop like that. If you new some1 died from drinking today, would you not drink again? The main thing he really needs to want to stop himself. He might have to hit rock bottom and have enough of it. But just make him aware, you dont get motivated enough and do anything with your life, and you get real bad paranoia.

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Lapsed after 6 week on coke again :( by

He doesnt want to go now.. im gutted lol but its because my 8 year old layla, has her friends staying over so the house is full of girls, so he doesnt want to come with me lol. That what your son has said, is sort of a good thing. Because he does want to see you, and he is embarassed. Which i was when my mum found out. May be.. this is just an opinion.. tell him you wont bring it up and not to be embarassed and if he needs help you will be there. Im only saying this as i have kids and i couldnt bare not seeing them, and i know your the same, but he wont incase you mention the coke. But its best off leaving that maybe for now, just so you can see and speak to him.. Thats my opinion.. its entirely up to you what you do. Have a good weekend mate

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