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Lapsed again on coke :( by

40k wow.. i cant stand dangerous women like that.. who use bullshit regarding there kids. Its sick. Pmsl... eggs are drying up! Hahaha... Your only 26 i wouldnt worry just yet. Id be more bothered about him being 8 year older. Im 35 now. And id get someone preggers straight away. 3 ive had and they got preggers straight away more or less. Or i was set up lol Would you not try now though? I would say it would make him better. But thats never the case.. and could you imagine his ex if you had 1??? Bet she would be going mental.. But you are right in away.. because depending how you go with your bf... because if you wait till he fully sorts himself that could be a while.. if he lapses again.. then another setback. Then if you leave and you have find the right person and then have a kid... the clocks ticking lol only messing.

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Cocaine and my son by

Maybe he needs a rehab.. i dont know the inns and outs... this is just a thought... i dont know if u pay for rehabs and how much they are.. maybe look into them... cancel his home... send him rehab.. the payments you pay for his home.. pay his rehab.. how ever long it takes.. thats only if they are same as his rent.. and when he comes out when he is clean let him live with u till he gets a job. Thats just a thought. I dont know the inns and outs of what hes like at home and that. But i guess a rehab is better than paying his rent while ge gets wrecked. I dont know anyone who robs for coke if im being honest.. are you sure hes not on something else aswell, maybe crack aswell? And please dont take that the wrong way, im just be honest with you here. So where is he now? And how is he feeling?

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