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should I be the one to back down? by

My husband was absolutely vile to me on Sunday and smashed a glass across our kitchen and I spent Monday morning picking up fragments everywhere. He said the most awful things and for the last four days now he’s not spoken to me. I have a counsellor now from Icarus and they are really really helpful. But I don’t know what to do. Should I try and reconcile this ? Or should I wait til he comes to me to speak? I’m so heartbroken and I have a lot of work pressure too, I feel like there’s no let up of the stress. Any opinions gratefully received. Should I back down ?

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I’m so upset not sure what to do for the best? by

Your story is a similar one to mine , in fact I was reading it thinking wow this is my life. I understand what you’re going through, the pain and the helplessness. Please remember to look after yourself . I say this as I’m crying because my husband has been drinking and been horrible to me an hour ago. Only they can decide to change. You have to make sure you are ok. My husband has not spoken to me for 3 days because he got blind drunk, smashed a glass across the kitchen and punched the wall , and I think is so embarrassed by it that he doesn’t know what to say. I feel desperately sorry for him and for your partner as we stay with them because we like the sober half. Please stay safe xx

Desperate Times by

It’s comforting to know there are people going through similar issues, as it’s such a lonely thing to experience , especially if like me you don’t want to share the burden with friends and family. We are due to be going on holiday tomorrow but he’s just told me to go alone because I’m selfish. I am the most un-selfish person you could meet ( sounds arrogant and I am really not ! ) so for him to say that devastates me. I know it’s the drink talking, but it’s impossible not to be upset. Sending love to everyone xxx

Partner of 1 year is an alcoholic by

I get where you are coming from. My husband ( we got married 7 months ago ) drinks probably 4-5 times the weekly limit and has said the most horrific things to me. Tonight in fact he slammed the door and said that one of hobbies was making him angry ( I was sewing a blanket ! ) I resent him for picking up that next bottle and for not prioritising me or the fact we should be saving for a house . But I spoke to a counsellor and they said that I need to focus on me and that a decision has to come from him. It’s so hard and exhausting being the one on the receiving end. I’m sorry I don’t have advice but know you’re not alone xxx

Husband in rehab for alcohol by

I understand a lot of what you are feeling. You are not alone, which i am finding comfort in. My husband ( and we’ve only been married 8 months ) is also a wonderful guy when sober but when drunk he’s nasty , aggressive and forgets what he has said and wonders why I’ve been crying. I can’t answer whether you should leave him as I am currently at that point myself and don’t know the answer either , but please know you aren’t the only person going through this and it’s not your fault

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