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Partner of 1 year is an alcoholic by

I get where you are coming from. My husband ( we got married 7 months ago ) drinks probably 4-5 times the weekly limit and has said the most horrific things to me. Tonight in fact he slammed the door and said that one of hobbies was making him angry ( I was sewing a blanket ! ) I resent him for picking up that next bottle and for not prioritising me or the fact we should be saving for a house . But I spoke to a counsellor and they said that I need to focus on me and that a decision has to come from him. It’s so hard and exhausting being the one on the receiving end. I’m sorry I don’t have advice but know you’re not alone xxx

Husband in rehab for alcohol by

I understand a lot of what you are feeling. You are not alone, which i am finding comfort in. My husband ( and we’ve only been married 8 months ) is also a wonderful guy when sober but when drunk he’s nasty , aggressive and forgets what he has said and wonders why I’ve been crying. I can’t answer whether you should leave him as I am currently at that point myself and don’t know the answer either , but please know you aren’t the only person going through this and it’s not your fault

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