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Is there anything I can do for my nose? by

Try not to worry too much , a small hole in your septum can remain trouble free, only you will know it’s there. I have been an absolute **** as I had a huge hole in my nose and had an operation to repair it on the NHS, and what did I go and do a week after my op? Yup, stated snorting like I’d never snorted before and now have a hole big enough to put my finger through - I won’t get a second chance but all I can say is stop using now, the hole will grow much larger in a short space of time if you continue to snort coke. Even with a huge hole in my nose I continue to use as I’ve pretty much given up on life, don’t make the same mistakes as me

Just when you think things cannot get any worse ....... by

Your post has really hit home to me as your Husbands behaviour mirrors mine ! Your words could be exactly what my wife might write , although she is quite naive about drugs and doesn’t know the full extent of my habit. Seeing what you’ve written in black and white has really hit a nerve with me, I’ve become a completely different person since my cocaine use has spiralled out of control, I need to take control of my life again . Thankyou for sharing and i hope with all my heart that your Husband can get his life back on track, for his sake and yours x

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