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I just lost my brother by

It's kind of reassuring to no your not on your own reading everyones post. My brother is 45 & skin & bone & he's been in hospital after a heart attack & then a stroke over Xmas but still he has continued to drink. How he is a live I don't no. Now he just says he sticks to his 5 cans but I don't no. It's my mum that hurts the most, she has screamed at me in past & called me cold & I should do something to help my brother. I've screamed at her back that I don't no what she wants me to do about it & felt like I was losing my mind. I had my own problems with my partner's addictions. Of course I've told him to stop but I can't make him. My mum says she would rather die if he goes. The rest of us don't get a look in coz mum so consumed by worrying about him. To be far she has got a bit better & on mother's Day he said in front of me mum I choose to be like this. Coz she was saying the whole , can't you go in somewhere please. The stress & hurt that addicts cause ????