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That’s it there is nothing fun about it, nothing fun about feeling like this. And there is one reason we are all feeling like this. Cocaine. I already feel stronger, knowing that so many others are in the same boat. I feel like we’re all doing this together, if I let myself down I’m also letting you lot down, let alone my beautiful family. Summit has got to give. As I was saying to another person in our boat, we can use the money on so much better stuff, our children for a start. And it’s not just the money, it’s the time we spend feeing lethargic or depressed, we wouldn’t be feeling that way if we wasn’t on a come down or in withdrawal.. our kids would see a much better role model and fun loving parent. You and all of us, are capable of beating it. Kicking it for good

Cocaine is a c@*% by

You’re so right Dan, I had a watch of Louise’s step one cocaine vid. She makes so much sense it’s scary. So I’ve set my sites on cutting it out for good. Friday was my last ever line, that’s what I keep telling myself. There’s so much I could have done with that £40 so much. I’ve just joined a slimming club, I’m trying to better my self in every way possible. I don’t want to cut drink out, I know that for sure. I’m not drinking until the end of the month, I have a special occasion due. By not drinking I won’t take coke, also it will kick start me into a good weight loss journey. Positive thinking. I will be checking in on here all the time for help and motivation. Can’t rate this site enough. Thanks again Dan.

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