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I’ve been taking coke for years by

Hey Carlie, don’t EVER feel ashamed because you have only become what coke aloud you to become. You certainly know it’s not what you want so don’t ever think it’s too late to fix because it’s not. Saying you want to stop is the first step and your next step is getting help and support, I would absolutely encourage you to share you problem with someone, anyone, if that person is a doctor then so be it. This site has been useful to many people and many addicts so do not feel this is too late for you. I have been a slave to coke and many other drugs and it was painful to stop. It was like a best friend at times but you know what it is doing to you physically and mentally so get started today. Make that step to get the help you need ASAP. You will have a local addiction centre in your area but please check this site and google support in your area and GO! Your fear is loosing that friend but that friend is not your friend it’s out to stop you. PLEASE make sure you keep up the momentum and try as many directions as you can and don’t ever think it’s your fault. Drugs are made to be addictive.

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Don't know how much more i can take. by

Morning, your situation sound very similar and unfortunately it’s hard to change and break the cycle without breaking eggs. Both sides of a partnership are at risk when addiction is present. Admitting you have a problem is easily the hardest part, even if your only saving it for a weekend it’s still as destructive to the partnership. Sometimes drastic measures are the only thing that can snap someone into submission and insisting that person gets professional advice is your only way you can escape this death dive lifestyle. Addicts have no self control and are horribly selfish at the moment of consuming the “evil” and although someone can be the sweetest person when not taking, it always ends in tears. You have already realised that it’s not what you want in your lives and it’s not a lot to ask! Happy fun exciting weekend are what make life living. You sound like you want to move forward with life ????????‍♂️ Drink and drugs can’t really be taken in moderation by an addict as you probably already know, so you must make changes in your life to help the addict the best you can. If you genuinely care for that person then try as many safe tactics as you can to help then get real professional help and if they don’t except they have a problem then you need to move to the next stage until you get that lifestyle you deserve. Regardless if you have a mortgage or it’s your only place to live or the last slice of bread in the packet, if you don’t make changes you will blink and 10yrs will have passed. Addiction is a Cancer! It’s a horrible horrible illness and it’s hidden. I know many people who drink 2 bottles of wine every night 7 days and teach a class of kid in the morning and still think it’s normal, well it’s not and the partner in the relationship doesn’t think its normal. Getting help is the most important decision you will ever make and one year of pain now for a life of freedom is a small price to pay. I wish you the best of Luck x

Real horror of codeine addiction by

I hope I can give you some peace. You need help not fear! Taking all your meds away is a reaction and putting you through paid rehab when your not ready is futile, especially if it’s for the wrong reason. Your husband is not an expert and neither are we. I know the fear of talking to your GP and taking your meds away because I feared that same scenario but getting you on a good solid replacement is your priority, trust me they will never just stop your meds. I know the wanting to go to sleep for 2 weeks because it sounds familiar and I would love that method. You have an illness and ideally you need to open up to someone and get the best replacement drug for you. Anyway, thanks for helping make people aware and keep your heart open to someone.

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Codine by

Everything you have said is normal and you are inline with the normal behaviour so don’t think your a bad individual. The doctors reordering trick has been played a 1000x by many more people than I can mention and I’m one of them, it made me feel sick to my stomach doing it but it’s a proses you follow when you need them little pills. I was going on fake holidays ever 8weeks.. please don’t think your not fixable though because you are, honestly. Sleeping tablets do help with the RLS especially when you are reducing but realistically reducing is HARD if your doing it on your own and unless your down to a small amount and ready for Cold Turkey then the sleeping tablets are just a way of dulling the cravings. You sound like you know that you want to give it up but telling your doctor is a fear? They will end your supply? Telling your husband will cause a snowball? If you sat down with your husband and let it out what would really happen? Listen, YOU NEED HELP and you need it as soon as you can. What is the very worst thing that can happen if you did tell him? You get a chance at saving your life! I guarantee you can’t do this on your own because it’s not possible without help from someone. Paid rehab is not always the best and is money driven for sure but the doctors can put you onto a free treatment center in your area that can offer an assessment and key worker to help you through addiction. Usually they assess you and give you a substitute if needed. I’ve not been to it yet but it sounds like the government is becoming more aware of opioid abuse after genuine injuries or surgery so my guess is you could get some help. Ring the doctors enormously and find out? Anyway, I’m not a doctor or a trained advisor but I do know that getting professional help and opening up to the people you real can trust is your next best and only move to save you as a person. I wish I could talk to you and others that suffer this disease because we share a common illness. Your mother suffered it and she lost that fight! I’m sure if she knew what was going to happen she would have run a mile. Like us all. please excuse my grammar/spelling but I’m working on the smallest screen trying to put a child to bed and change a light bulb

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I need help by

Morning you two, It is really difficult for both sides of an addiction and without support you tend to go around in circles beating each other up. The none addict of the relationship tends to feel the innocent party in this hell and they feel as much pressure as the person trying to quit this evil. Cocaine is sadly that kind of drug that is very destructive to the user and the people around you. But, it is beatable so don’t STOP. This sounds really daft and lame but I have seen this work with the most aggressive cases so try anything ????????‍♂️ Both you and your partner wright down how you feel and what you want to happen and don’t hold back at all but be optimistic and emotional in your feelings then swap. When someone that is not taking coke try’s to live with some that is you find it hard to function because your not feeling the same kind of emotions, and the user is feeling completely under the control of an addiction and unfortunately they don’t think clearly at all. If you want your relationship to work you need to set out a schedule for quitting and commit to it “with support” if you don’t then you will go around in circles for years! I know this is easy to say and hard to do but sit down together and commit to quitting. Get as much support from your local groups and family but don’t let it drag on for years because if you do then your not ready to quit. Your addiction is to the pleasure so try your best and good luck.

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What do I do? by

Hi Sunflower, your situation is sadly very common. Your son has become very dependent on E that it feels uncomfortable without it. In my experience I have been in circles of people that have take unthinkable amounts on one hit over 15 years and they live to tell the tale. But! It’s a horrible and physiologically harming drug that can ruin lives and yes it feels like your chest is going to explode!!! The most important thing is he’s very young and in his prime to be refocused on recovery. Yes he’s had a tough time with it but make sure you insist on attending as many support groups as you can for him and with him as honesty is the only fix. Try to be as supportive as possible but don’t believe a word that come out of his mouth because he’s addicted and he’s young and as we all know when kids mouths are open they lie!! ????????‍♂️ Seriously, he’s going to try every trick in the book so make sure you have your eyes open and prepare for letdown. It can be turned around and if you have a strong family unit you won’t fail. This is a blip in his life and it happens 1000s of times a year and people recover. Please be strong.

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Just want to be free! by

Hey Laracroft, well done for posting your experience! Although this is anonymous it still takes courage. From my own experience of 20 yrs commitment to codeine Withdrawals usual last for about 5 days on the physical side and psychologically I would say about 4 weeks to feel a little freedom, depending on how long you have been using. I CANNOT encourage you enough to stick with it!!! Yes you will feel like Hell for a few days but 120mg is very very much achievable. I and many other are capable or taking anything up to 600mg a day and more. Your not crazy your just stuck in a grip at the moment and you can do it. The best time to do it is while your not at work and off sick. I suggest you check out a few websites for withdrawal remedies because they absolutely work. TRUST me. Please keep posting x