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That’s why I was buying online I spoke to gp as told him I’d been buying online as was scared about the paracetamol told him everything that when I couldn’t get codeine phosphate I use the co codamol but do the cold water extraction to try n take the paracetamol out n left with the codeine in the water n drink it I’ve alwats worried re paracetamol as your at risk of u take more than 8 a day I think it is so I’d advise to try n take codeine phosphate if u can He has given me a weeks supply and he will do the same each week I’m lucky my gp is really good there was no judgement at all quite the opposite he was saying how what I’m doing so far is brilliant start ect Bear in mind my addiction was because of my old gp putting me on co codamol for neck injury then few months later giving me codeine phosphate for what he thought was ibs which I didn’t I was going to the toilet as I didn’t know I was addicted so when I didn’t take co codamol I got runs I didn’t relate it until I was on both meds n tried to stop n realised I was addicted fast forward 10 years n I’m ready to deal with it This group has really helped me as hearing ur stories n how we are all fighting and having the same problems has made me more determined we are all the same n will all struggle n have days we over use and days we half our dose but we are trying n that’s what matters If I can help anyone with my story and they can help me with there’s then we are winning as a team Let’s do this guys