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My Codeine problem by

Hi Needachat, I can provide some reassurance on the physical side. Opiates are relatively safe for the body if you say within safe doses - they rarely cause long term damage unless mixed with something else. For most people the physical damage comes from ibruprofen or paracetamol that are in the tablets they take, or cosumption of alcohol. A lot of addiction websites, will state liver damage, kidney damage etc - but they are generic descriptions. Respiratory problems are not going to be a problem for you because of codeine withdrawal in my opinion. Respiratory depression is associated with codeine overdose, or cross contamination with other depressants like benzodiazepines (diazepam most commonly) and alcohol. If you are not of codeine right now, well done, try to keep it that way and get your life back.

Dihydrocodeine and me by

Sorry to hear of your situation and pain. I am in no position to preach as a painkiller (codeine) addict myself. My experience with doctors, previously admitting to diazepam misuse has been very bad, and a note on my file was put that marks me out as a potential drug addict and I can't get anything on prescription now. Your experience may vary - GPs are people and will all have their own prejudice. I am not in Scotland, but I am trying to find independent help, from a charity or independent service - that way the doctors file will not haunt my future. I hope things work out for you. Things that really help with me: Make sure I'm hydrated. Take 5-HTP Take vitamin B Take exercise every day - even a walk is good. Sleep as much as you can - but also make sure you get up when the alarm goes off.