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Codeine Addicition Experience by

Hi all, been reading this thread for a few weeks and ready to tell my story. I've been taking codeine for a few years, and over the last few months i've got up to an insane dose of 900mg per day - that's over 30 of the 30mg tablets! I've been ordering them from online pharmacies - it's scarily easy but i'm spending hundreds of pounds a month on the stuff. I've got kids and a job and can't just ride out cold turkey as i'd be completely non-functional coming off that dose, so I found online an NHS resource for GPs for creating a tapering schedule for morphine via a spreadsheet and have worked out my own taper. It's easy to convert codeine to equivalent morphine - 100mg of codeine = 10mg morphine. I figured this is probably just what the doctor would do if I went to see them, so thought i'd just try it myself. So far it is working well, i'm in week 5 and am down from 900+mg codeine per day to 510mg - it's a slow process but i've not had any major withdrawal symptoms, just feeling a bit 'blah' and mildly depressed. I've also got some Xanax from a 'friend' to take at bedtime just to ensure I can sleep (I don't recommend this, but it's my choice and it means i can sleep properly and function the next day. Actually i don't like the Xanax at all, a small dose just makes me tired and want to go to bed). My tapering plan has another 5 weeks to go, but i'm feeling really positive i'm halfway there. Thanks for everyone else for sharing their stories, I've known for a while that this had to stop - the codeine didn't even make me feel good anymore when i took it - but it was this thread that gave me the courage to actually try to stop! This is the link to the tapering schedule if it helps anyone