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Sister out of control by

Hi , this is a difficult situation and understandably worrying. My daughter also 17 started with cannabis and is now addicted to Xanax. A drug I haven’t heard mentioned on here. The problem is probably the friends she’s hanging around with, peer pressure etc Hopefully she won’t take this any further. Yes it’s worrying she smokes cannabis , if this is all she does and doesn’t progress to anything else then that really is a blessing . Hope this helps ?

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17 year old daughter on the brink by

Yes it’s very difficult as they are 17 which is still young and vulnerable. It’s a difficult balance between supporting them and trying to get them to take responsibility. We Support our daughter 24/7 but this definitely has an effect on her younger siblings! Is your daughter at college or working? Sometimes I wonder if for the sake of the younger children it would be better if she didn’t live here but I don’t think she’d survive on her own and we would still worry about her!

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Xanax by

Yes several times, last summer she was in hospital 4 times in 2 weeks with overdose. She was on a children’s ward as was 16 then. She’s been referred to Cahms several times and has finally been assessed but we are still waiting to here from them. It’s a long story but both myself and her dad have had time off work and her 2 younger siblings are suffering as all our time and energy goes on their sister. She’s doing well at an apprenticeship but was sent home from college last week as was high and erratic, if she does it again she will loose the job and then she’ll hit rock bottom. She hands around and associates with dealers, shop lifts etc all the usual things an addict gets up to. We are again living day to day... literally I’m now waiting for her to wake up and I know she’ll kick off as is withdrawing.