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He needs help but is in denial Can we arrange a private intervention? by

My partner of five years is a controlled alcoholic The last year he’s started to drink more & more He’s verbally & emotionally vile when drunk & sometimes violent Last weekend he attacked me & phoned the police stating I’d attacked him I was totally sober & he tripped himself up with his version of what had happened & was arrested He was held overnight & interviewed They didn’t charge him but placed a DVPN on him followed by an application for a 28 DVP Order for my protection The Order was passed but only under no molestation to occur He returned home & is still in denial of what he’s done & that he’s the reason it happened He drank again today & kicked off He used emotional blackmail & threats once again so I phoned his elderly cousins to come over as they had requested me to do so if he kicked off They tried telling him the drinking & behaviour had to stop & literally ran out of the house screaming he’s not to blame, we’re al ganging up on him & refusing to accept responsibility I’m at a loss at what to do now as phoning the police will destroy his career if I involve them again He’s never been arrested or in trouble with the law before & we thought what happened last week would shock him & be the wake up call he needed but it seems to have had the complete opposite on him! Can we arrange a surprise intervention due to him being in denial?