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The Alcohol and Families Alliance

Developing policy on alcohol and the family.

The Alcohol and Families Alliance (AFA) was established by Adfam and Alcohol Concern in 2013 to think about, discuss and develop policy on alcohol and the family. It is chaired by Naomi Eisenstadt, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and the secretariat is funded by the Institute of Alcohol Studies.

The AFA is a forum and resource for developing and influencing policy on alcohol and families, forging a consensus across the voluntary and statutory sectors, thus bringing an informed voice to driving change for these families. It believes that:

  • Current policy does not sufficiently protect children and families from alcohol related harms
  • The misuse of alcohol can have serious and detrimental effects on the health and well-being of children and families
  • The damaging effects of alcohol on children and families are not confined to those incurred by drinkers diagnosed as hazardous, dangerous or dependent.

The AFA meets three times a year with additional contact through phone and email as necessary. For specific tasks working groups of members willing to dedicate extra time will be established.

For more information, visit the AFA website, follow the AFA on Twitter at @AlcoholFamilies or email the AFA.