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Older Carers

Working with people in London aged 55+ who support loved ones with drug or alcohol problems

Funded by the City Bridge Trust, Adfam ran a project working with and supporting older people in London who are affected by the drug or alcohol use of a loved one. Read about the experiences of this group - and the project:

We believe that people affected by a particular issue are often best placed to support others also struggling with the same issue.

That's why the project's emphasis was peer support. Activities included:

  • A monthly peer support group (some with a trained counsellor) where people offer one another practical and emotional advice, help and support in a friendly and non-judgemental environment
  • Regular information and skills sessions on topics such as The Care Act or mindfulness
  • Regular trips and excursions - a chance to relax, socialise and take some time for yourself. 

If you had any questions about the project please email Alison Hill or call on 020 3817 9410.

Here is some feedback from people who were involved in the project:

“It’s really good to be able to come here and talk to others who, whilst in different positions, are also very similar and understand what you’re saying.”

“I have friends and family and they’re great, but they don’t understand. They can’t understand, so I choose not to talk to them about it. Coming to the group last week was fantastic. I didn’t know there were any services for people like me.”

“Nothing else has jumped out as something I want to do, but this is so close to my heart, it means so much to me, for myself, and will obviously empower me as well as my supporting others. I feel I’m getting my feet back on the ground.