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Course 1: Families, drugs and alcohol: an introduction

This one day course is for all practitioners who work with adult family members affected by drug and/or alcohol misuse. It is accessible to workers without existing knowledge of the topic and covers both the background knowledge and skills necessary for effective practice.

Length: 1 day
Price: For commission only

By the end of the training learners will:

  1. Recognise the potential impact of substance use on families
  2. Identify behaviours associated with someone who cares for a substance user
  3. Identify the work they undertake with family members and the types of interventions they currently use
  4. Identify the best ways families can support each other at various stages of the ‘Cycle of Change’
  5. Consider the effectiveness of brief interventions models and their use with family members
  6. Explore a number of commonly used brief interventions models
  7. Consider how to utilise the techniques they have learnt in their practice with families

This course is suitable for between 10 and 15 learners.

For more information on commissioning this training, including prices, see here.