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Course 2: Families, drugs and alcohol: advanced skills

This one day course is aimed at practitioners with some experience of working with families affected by substance use, who wish to develop their skills in working with this group of people. It provides an in-depth exploration of interventions and skills for working with families.

Length: 1 day
Price: For commission only

By the end of the training learners will:

  1. Know the five commonly used techniques for assisting families affected by substance use
  2. Understand how different perspectives and approaches lead to differing outcomes for families
  3. Be able to use a toolkit of approaches with family members to enable them to explore their experiences and look for support
  4. Be able to reflect on the efficacy of these approaches
  5. Be ready to identify their own learning opportunities in order to continue their journey to continue to improve their practice

This course is suitable for between 10 and 15 learners.

For more information on commissioning this training, including prices, see here.