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Course 3: Children, parenting, families, drugs and alcohol

This one day course will be of benefit to any practitioner who wishes to gain both a basic insight into the issues surrounding parental substance misuse and safeguarding, together with an opportunity to practice some skills in dealing with parents who are problematic drug/alcohol users.

Length: 1 day
Price: For commission only

By the end of the training learners will:

  1. Understand what constitutes ‘good enough’ parenting
  2. Understand how problematic drug and alcohol use by parents may cause risk to their children
  3. Be able to identify and minimise risks posed by Opioid Substitute Therapy medications prescribed to parents or carers
  4. Know how to make a disclosure to the relevant authority in line with organisational procedures
  5. Understand risk and resilience in children of drug users

This course is suitable for between 10 and 15 learners.

For more information on commissioning this training, including prices, see here.