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Course 5: Safeguarding children from Opioid Substitute Therapy risks: a multi-disciplinary approach

This one day course is aimed at local areas and must be run as a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary learning event with representation from across the services involved in safeguarding children from risks posed by OST medications: treatment services; prescribers; health visitors; midwives; housing officers; social workers (family and adult); police officers, domestic violence workers etc. It enables local areas to develop a strategic plan on how agencies can work together to create a joint plan for working together to safeguard local children.

Length: 1 day
Price: For commission only

By the end of the training learners will:

1.Make an appropriate risk assessment for children under the age of five coming into contact with an adult prescribed OST medications.

2.Consider the evidence base on the impact of substance use on parenting capacity.

3.Conduct improved welfare checks for children, including signs of drug ingestion.

4.Create and implement a shared safety plan to enhance local practice.

5.Identify mechanisms to establish inter-agency partnerships and future joint working.

This courses, given its emphasis on multi-disciplinary planning, requires 15 to 20 learners.

For more information on commissioning this training, including prices, see here.